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Traveling assignment

Language, the language the locals of Italy speak is Italian and it the official language
of their country.
Time zones, the time zone in Italy is Central European time and it is two hours ahead
of the GMT (Greenwich mean time).
Health certificates required, when it comes to health certificates required this country
only requires a basic green pass to travel to the country.
Restrictions, Some of the thing not to do in italy are Don't picnic on monuments,
historic steps and fountains, or inside museums and don’t litter beacuse Italy is a
very clean country.
Tourist attractions, there are many tourist attractions in Italy like the Colosseum of
Rome and the floating city of Venice.
You can find more attractions here at www.booking.com/Italy
Religion, the catholicisam, Catholicism is virtually the state religion. The great
majority of Italians are baptized Catholics devoted to GOD.
Based on my research I have concluded that Italy is generally a very safe, and
religious country with many spectacular attractions.