Title of the Activity:
Conduct of the Brigada Eskwela 2019-2020
“Matatag na Bayan para sa Maunlad na Paaralan”
Location and Date:
Gacao Elementary School
May 20-25 2019
In accordance to the Department of Education Division
Memorandum No.290 s. of 2019, the Gacao Elementary
School answered the call for the conduct of the Brigada
Eskwela for the School Year 2019-2020. This said activity
was also in parallel with the DepEd Memorandum No. 36 s.
of 2019, thus informing the field to conduct the prescribed
activities for the said event contained in the said
So with this, the school catered the week-long commonly
know also as the school maintenance week, the different
activities and services that would in turn make the purpose
of the Brigada Eskwela a fruitful one.
The Kick-Off of Gacao Elementary School of the Brigada
Eskwela started with a parade, wherein banner that depict
the start of the Brigada Eskwela was being shown and waved
for the stake holders to know and see that the said activity
has begun.
After the parade the second part of the program started
having the Lupang hinirang, Deped Hymn and prayer, and this
was followed by the opening message of no other than the
school principal; Ma’am Edna Q. Cartalla. She called the
attention and stressed out the points on why having and
participating the Brigada Eskwela. The parents and satke
holders listened well as Ma’am Edna Gave her opening
message. After which Mr. Joel F. Gut the Brigada School
Coordinator gave the salient information to the legal basis
and memorandum coverage of the Brigada Eskwela. Then the
program was sealed with some messages from the Barangay
Local Government Unit or the BLGU of barangay Gacao.
After the program, all that were in attendance and stake
holders nearby stand to their responsibilities and do their
part of the said Brigada Eskwela Activities, thru cleaning,
repairing, constructing etc.
Actual Results/Outcomes
Based on the different monitoring tools and one of which was
the BE form 4 the attendance sheet, it has been noted that
several sectors were involved including the sect from
religion, fraternity and brotherhood, government units and
private persons.
Problems Encountered
Some minor notable matters such as lacking of cleaning
materials were seen from the parent and others who will take
in part of the Brigada Eskwela. Some volunteers also have
not completed the time allotted for the service.
Lesson Learned
Observance to the purpose of the agreed matter should be
Sustainability / Replication
As a yearly activity therefore the positive aspects of the said
matter should be enhanced and retained, while the negative
observable matter should be minimized or removed.