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Harrison Bergeron Post-Reading Questions-1 (2)

Harrison Bergeron
Post-reading Questions
Now that you've read the story, answer the following questions!
1. What is the tone of the story?
I would say the tone is ironic because he wants to breakaway from government
control to give the people "freedom" but he is also at the same time making himslef
the most powerful person. But its also verycalm and deadpan, it's hard to know if
were supposed to be laughing or supposed to be serious
2. Knowing Vonnegut's views of government, what do you feel is his view on equality?
It seems that Vonnegut thinks the total equality is a bad goal we shouldn't wnat to
achieve with both outcome and exucution because as we can see people are never
truly equal because in the story some live peacefully while some live with alot of
pain as the government tries to reduce their superior abilities
3. What is the purpose of the story? Find at least one direct quote from the story that
supports this and explain!
I think the purpose of the story is to show that we shouldn't have total equality and
that we shouldn't let the government try and control us that way, as you can see in
the story from this quote "Every 20 seconds or so the transmitter would send out
some sharp noise to keep people like george from taking unfair advantage of their
brains" some people suffer more than others, and not to mention the government
probably isn't included in the law because they have to be atleast above average to
be able to control all these people and create the machines that send out the noise.
therefore the government is still unequal and consider themselves above the law.
4.When Harrison Bergeron is completely free from his handicaps, he defies the laws of
gravity and motion. What might Vonnegut be suggesting about the potential of free
human beings?
Vonnegut might be suggesting that once you stop pretending to be someone you're
not, you will feel free and feel that your on top of the world.
1. In traditional stories, the hero is a superhuman figure, who "saves" people from an
enemy. In what passages is Harrison superhuman? How are the results of Harrison's
efforts ironic?
He is superhuman in the last few passages because he is free from his restraints
therefore is bigger,stronger and smarter than the rest of them but his efforts are
ironic because instead of giving full free reign to the people is putting himself at the
top position and giving himself all the power and people who follow him, so
because of that the people wouldn't be free they'd just be trading one currupt
control group for another.
2. Imagine that Harrison is NOT killed and he becomes Emperor. What changes would he
make? Do you believe it would make a better or worse society? Explain.
If Harrison had not died and became the emperor he would more than likely
remove handicaps and let everyone live to their full potential and had equal rights.
This relates to power because Harrison is in power for the people. but i wouldn't
say it become better because the smartets and stronger people would rise to power
quickly more than likely creating conflict and monopolies, so he'd have to find a
way to make sure the the strongest of people don't completly take the power from
the "Average" people.
3. What ideas or programs in American society do you think Vonnegut might be ridiculing
in "Harrison Bergeron"?
Vonnegut wrote "Harrison Bergeron" to show people that total equality is not a good
solution and will not work for a society. so I think hes ridiculing America's idea of
having everyone be equal.
4. Suppose the characters in "Harrison Bergeron" each represent someone or something.
Make a list of the characters and who/what they may represent or symbolize.
Harrison represents what could be if humans are left to fulfill their full potential and
He represents the height of masculine humanity. The ballerina represents the of
feminine humanity ( by becoming empress). The other characters represent the
very limiting status quo of the controlled society. Diana Moon Glampers represnts
the oppressive authority of a oppressive and total government and as her name
suggest she is also the personification of the fear in the story.
For each statement, choose the correct word to fill in
the gaps. You may need to make some changes.
a Never let your weaknesses be a ________________
to your success.
b The boy Cowered
______________ when his bully raised his fist at him.
c The Luminous
__________________ moon shone brightly among the stars.
d It's daylight savings time! Dont forget to Synchronize
______________ your watch!
e The students Gamboled
___________________ on the playground after eating
2 Use the remaining words to write your own examples to
illustrate their meanings.
There was consternation among some customers who have encountered a variety
of glitches.
Lack of vigilance caused the Titanic to crash into an iceberg that no one saw
We should first calibrate the radio set