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tanks of ww1

Tanks of world war 1
Sixth hour: Jaydon murray
The first tank in combat
The first tank in combat is the mark 1 tank
fought in the battle of somme in september 15, 1916
They weighed 28 tons
The biggest tank in ww1
The biggest tanks was the char c2 and weighed 69 tons becasue of its armor it
was the thickest for ww1 tanks it was over 12 meters long
The smallest tank of ww1
The tankette was the smallest tanks made to be a one man mobile machine gun
Why are tanks called tanks?
The british named them tanks to use the name water tanks to disguise it.
Did America have tanks?
No america did not have tanks but the french renault ft light tanks were used in
the last stages of ww1
Tanks were originally made in britain there propose was to cross barriers
Did any tanks from ww1 survive today?
Yes there are 6 mark 4 left three are in the UK
They have one mark 1 tanks it is part of the Bovington tank museum but its history
and identity is unknown
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