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separation technique

M.E. 1 Semester (CAPD) MID SEMESTER EXAM December– 2021
SUB: Novel Separation Techniques (3711610)
Date: 29/12/2021
Total Marks: 30
Time: 11.00 am to 12.30 p.m.
1. This is a time restricted exam so all are supposed to finish the exam within the stipulated
time period and should upload the document.
2. Students are supposed to write the answers in the supplementary itself and after the
completion of the paper, a pdf should be uploaded in the respective assignment. For
submission of the answers online, write your name and enrollment number at the top of each
page, and scan all your answer sheets in single pdf and name the pdf with your enrollment
number followed by NST-MSE (e.g. 200280105006-NST-MSE).
3. Submit the answer book latest by 12:40 pm, thereafter uploading the answer book will be
4. A meet link will be shared in MS Teams. All students have to join the link and turn their
cameras on by 10:50 a.m. and keep it on during the entire period of the exam. You can leave
the meeting once your pdf has been uploaded.
5. Assume necessary data, if required. Clearly mention assumed data in the answer book.
6. Draw neat figures/diagrams, wherever required.
Q –1
Attempt any two from the following.
Explain design and working of supercritical fluid extraction unit.
Enlist commercial application of supercritical fluid extraction and explain any one of them in (5)
Describe advantage and disadvantage of supercritical fluid extraction in detail.
Q –2
Attempt any one from the following.
Write a detailed note on short path distillation unit.
Write a detailed note on pressure swing adsorption.
Q –3
Attempt any two from the following.
Explain design and working of reactive distillation in detail.
Enlist commercial application of reactive distillation and explain any one of them in detail.
Write a brief note on pervaporation.