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Civil Disobidience

Period 1
Dr. Lawrence
Civil Disobedience
While Civil disobedience aims to bring about fundamental and progressive changes in
our society and our world by creating disruption, focusing attention, and forcing debate. Civil
disobedience doesn't always involve harsh measures. Civil disobedience is necessary, from
history, we know that power corrupts. The powerful frequently use their influence to gain more
power for themselves. Power never willingly cedes its hold. By using the modest strengths of the
populace, peaceful civil disobedience engages the powerful in a constructive dialogue.
In our country, civil disobedience is frequently employed. Civil disobedience has sparked
controversy over the years. While there are many reasons why civil disobedience is
advantageous, some people believe it to be damaging to our country. People's voices will be
heard, it brings people together, and people have a right to oppose unjust laws, among other
benefits of civil disobedience. These arguments can be found in the supplemental materials. It is
obvious that civil disobedience benefits our nation. People's voices are heard, which is the first
benefit of civil disobedience. People frequently attempt to voice their opinions to the government
without engaging in civil disobedience, but their voices go unheard. After being ignored, they
resort to civil disobedience. Their voices will be heard by the government and many other
individuals when they engage in civil disobedience. By utilizing a strategy that the government
will see, they are standing up for what they believe in.
Why is civil disobedience necessary? By demonstrating that people won't obey unfair
rules and that the use of punishment has its limits, civil disobedience acts as a check against
totalitarianism. It would be simple for a government to gradually expand its power and control
until we all find ourselves in an Orwellian nightmare if the fear of civil disobedience didn't exist.
I’m not saying that would happen, but it certainly could. And it might be happening somewhere
else. And because it puts the target of the civil disobedience in a lose lose situation, civil
disobedience is effective. The Power is accepting defeat and allows for more disobedience if the
Disobedience is disregarded. However, if disobedience is punished, it must finally result in a
show of force, usually one that is far more intense than the level of disobedience and mobilizes
sympathy for the person who is receiving the punishment.
Some might argue that Civil Disobedience protest could get out of control and cause
chaos. That’s nothing but nonsense civil disobedience, also known as nonviolent peaceful
resistance to the law, is the act of not abiding by the law. Civil disobedience has a positive effect
on a free society because it raises awareness of unfair laws and forces governments to reconsider
their necessity. Riots are different from nonviolent protest, nonviolent protest actually have a
meaning, people care about there personal life. Many people may regard civil disobedience as a
tool against cruelty and injustice. By resisting their oppressors, it empowers people to aid others.
It offers them the possibility to give someone a chance at a decent and fair life. It made it
possible to put an end to warfare in Mexico and slavery in the United States.
Now that we are aware of the benefits of civil disobedience, It's never a good idea to let
the powerful use their influence to consolidate their own authority. We need to speak up for
ourselves and others who can't. Power never willingly cedes its hold. By using the modest
strengths of the populace, peaceful civil disobedience engages the powerful in a constructive
dialogue. The existing quo may and will simply refuse to acknowledge its crimes against nature
and people.