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HL AI extra formula not in booklet

Higher level Applications and
Extra formula not in formula booklet
Things to note before continuing:
• I haven’t included really simple formulae like range=highest value-lowest value
• Some formula are in the textbook but are not examined so I have not included
these. You are instead expected to use your GDC. E.g. Lengthy Pearson’s formula.
(You could have used the lengthy formula in your IA).
• I have not included things which are more knowledge then formula. For example
there is technically a ‘formula’ you could follow to find the tangent to a curve (this is
in the textbook), but it’s better that you understand the steps in finding the equation
1.Number and algebra
• Surds and index laws from GCSE
(make sure you know these
• Logarithms
• Sum and product of quadratic roots
• Properties of sigma notation
1.Number and algebra
• Complex numbers
Properties of modulus
• Matrices
• Matrix transformations
Note: You need to remember
the determinant for each
• Rational functions
3. Geometry and Trig
• Radians
• Sine and cosine curve
3. Geometry and Trig
• Vectors
4. Stats and Probability
• Outlier test
• Discrete random
variable: variance
• Poisson
4. Stats and Probability
• Normal
Standardised normal
• Central limit
Sample means
• Confidence
(note formulae for
t distribution not
included here but
very similar (except
you need degrees
of freedom equals
n-1, check
4. Stats and Probability
• Hypothesis testing
Z test
• Hypothesis testing
t test
4. Stats and Probability
• Error probabilities
• Statistical power
• Chi squared
Goodness of fit
Estimating parameters
Test for independence
(two way)
5. Calculus
• Integrating 𝑓(𝑎𝑥 + 𝑏)
5. Calculus
• Kinematics
5. Calculus
• Differential equations,
phase portraits