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-Well first of all thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed for this
customer service representative position today. I would describe myself as somebody who is very
positive. I am conscientious in my work. I am hardworking and I am resilient so I can deal with
difficult scenarios as when required. Before I apply for this job, I spent some time reading the job
description to make sure that I have the necessary skills and qualities to carry out my duty to the
standards that you would expect. I am professional. I am a strong communicator and I’m able to
always follow rules and procedures. I would also describe myself as somebody who is a fast
learner. Im confident I will be able to get through lots of calls during the working day and I will
always meet call handling targets. I also have previous experience in customer facing roles. I think
that gives me an advantage in this call center position. Outside of work I keep myself fits and
active which helps me to maintain concentration levels while staying at work. So if you hire me I
will always be reliable. I will be flexible and adaptable and I will always act as a positive role model
in the company whenever I am answering calls.
I left my job simply because I was ready for a fresh challenge with a new and exciting organization
where my skills, knowledge and experience would be put to good use. My employer was fantastic
during the time I spent there we achieve many great things together and when I told them I was
leaving they were understanding, they were very supportive and they told me if I ever wanted to
return then there would always be a position available for me.
My strengths include the fact that I always take ownership of challenges and
problems for example in my last role. I was concerned about the fact the our
supplier was not giving the company value for money so I decided to take it upon
myself to research potential new suppliers. I then found one that I thought would
be great for the company. I informed my manager about them and he agreed to
switch over to that supplier which then helped to increase customer service
standards. Other strengths include the fact that I am a really good communicator.
I always communicate with clarity and purpose and Im also a great collaborator. I
will always put the needs of my team first and make sure that I add value to the
You should hire me because I already have a 30, 60, 90 day planning place of what I will do in
this role this means you can hire me with the peace of mind that I will contribute positively to
the team and I will always set myself goals that are focus on helping you achieve your commercial
objectives you should also hire me because I am an excellent communicator and I always be a
positive role model for the company when dealing with customers and clients finally you should
hire me because I will always go above and beyond what is normally expected in the role. I will
happily carry out duties outside of my job description and I will be available at short notice to
help out your business as and when required.
The three words I would use to describe myself are resilient, knowledgeable and adaptable so Im
resilient because I never get stressed in difficult situations and I can easily prioritized tasks
regardless of how many I have. I am knowledgeable in this industry because I have applicable
academic qualifications and I also have experienced in similar job related roles finally I am
adaptable because I am the type of person who will always to take on duties outside of my job
description and I will also help your business at short notice as and when needed so for example
if you need me to work extra hours or duties. I will always do that and I will be prepared to cover
the work of co-workers who are ever off work sick.