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MR. AHMAD (188336)
(Session: 2018-22)
What I have learned during Internship
During internship I performed the following activities and learned it.
3.1 Week 1
Activities performed in tax department
The tax department of HBL performs a variety of different activities. They are the
withholding agents working on behalf of the government of Pakistan. In simpler words,
they withhold tax from different customers and vendors and pay that amount to the
government hence they are called withholding agents. Tax is deducted from customers
and suppliers with a specific rate specified by the law, and this rate also varies
depending on the nature of the person whether that person is a filer or not.
Islamic Banking
Filer: a person whose name exists in the active tax payer list (ATL) on the federal
bureau of revenue (FBR) website and his registration status is active, that person is
called filer.
Non-Filer: a person whose name is not present in the ATL on FBR website is known
as non-filer. His registration status may or may not be active but until and unless he file
his returns and his name does not appear on the ATL, he is considered as non-filer They
not only knew the market but were also familiar with the shortcomings of HBL. Under
the new set-up, they were able to address these shortcomings and began to The tax rate
charged from filer and non-filer in every payment nature is different. Usually the rate
charged from non-filer is high compare to the filer. The main reason for the
distinguishing rates is that the government wants to draw the attention of people to get
their selves registered so that they can get the benefit of lower rate and on the other
hand the government will have the benefit of more and regular tax payers which would
help in the prosperity and betterment of the country.
On February 26, 2004, management control was handed over to AKFED. The Board of
Directors was reconstituted to have four AKFED nominees, including the
Chairman and the President/CEO and three Government of Pakistan nominees.
HBL has the largest Corporate Banking portfolio in the country with an active
Investment Banking arm. It includes product offerings and services in Retail Banking
and in recent years Consumer Banking as well.
3.2 Week 2:
Activities performed in Accounts/payments department
Many people confuse the roles of the accounting department and finance department
with being the same. In reality, both departments perform separate functions.
The function of the Accounting department
The accounting department’s focus is on the day-to-day financial activities (the inflow
and outflow of money) in the company.
It also deals with the processing of all accounting information. It records accounts
payable and receivable, fixed assets, payroll, inventory, and other accounting
The function of the Finance department
The financial department’s focus is on managing the company’s assets and liabilities,
with a view towards the future. While small businesses tend to combine the
departments, corporate organizations have separate functions and roles for both
No organization can operate profitably without an accounting team. It is the lifeblood
and center of any business or organization. To help accountants and accounting
departments worldwide, we’ve compiled a list of the seven essential functions that
every accounting department needs to master for seamless operations. Let’s get
3.3 Week 3:
Weekly deposit slip
Every branch sends their weekly deposit slips to the head office (finance division),
where they are punched into excel sheet and is cross-checked with the data provided
by the management information system (MIS) to make sure that there is no error and
the amounts are stated correctly. This data is then sent to budget department
3.4 Week 4:
Security Bank
Security Bank Corporation (SBC) is a universal bank in the Philippines. It was
established on June 18, 1951, as Security Bank and Trust Company and was the first
private and Filipino-controlled bank of the post-World War II period.
Security Bank was publicly listed with the Philippine Stock Exchange in 1995 (PSE:
SECB). The Bank's major businesses include retail, commercial and corporate
banking, and financial markets. It offers a wide range of services, including financing
and leasing, foreign exchange and stock brokerage, investment banking, and asset
management through its subsidiaries.
In 2014, Security Bank embarked on a rebranding campaign called "Better Banking"
to further strengthen market appreciation of its retail banking business, which
complements its wholesale banking business.[8]
In January 2016, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Japan's largest bank, acquired a
20% minority stake of Security Bank for a deal worth ₱36.9 billion.[9] As of
2021, Security Bank has a total network of 313 branches and 787 ATMs
3.5 Week 5:
3.6 Week 6:
Activities performed in Budget department
The budget department is concerned with making budgets for the bank, comparing
estimates with the actual data, planning, estimating future demands etc.
3.7 Week 7:
Internal Audit Department
This Division works under the Board of Directors. It has a President who is CIA
qualified. Its function is to observe the internal control. The audit is conducted
quarterly. The audit teams inspect every branch of the bank. Surprise visits are also
conducted by the auditors.
3.8 Week 8
Administrative Department
All the matters of administrative nature are being dealt in this department. This includes:
transfers, posting, promotion orders, leave orders, approvals etc.
Conclusion & Recommendations
Working at Habib Bank Limited as an internee was very informative experience for me.
During the time I learnt many new things which are surely going to help me in my
professional career. It was a good experience for me to observe and to be the part of
practical working of an organization like HBL. During the internship I got a chance to
understand general consumer’s behavior and his needs and wants related to banking
services and products. As everybody knows that "Knowledge without practice is sterile
"In order to give vent to this idea an Internship program of six to eight weeks has been
arranged in different esteemed organizations. The six weeks spent at Habib Bank
Limited, were, no doubt a source of great learning for me about a lot of things
particularly working in bank’s atmosphere and system of bank. It’s my quite first
experience to do work practically in some organization. This practical training program
did not only help me acquire loads of knowledge about the predominant functions
performed by banking companies, but also inserted a lot of training as regards the set
of behavioral traits which distinguish a particular person from the rest of the lot in a
professional environment.
• During my internship I concluded that currently Habib Bank Limited has a high
market share and is not facing any type of risk.
• Due to highly trained professionals it is used to make progress by leaps and bound.
• The main objective of bank is to build strong relationship with the customers and
make them believe that Habib Bank Limited is right for them by providing effective
and efficient services.
• It has also created a strong goodwill and trust in the market.
• At this point it is significant to write a word of gratitude for the institute, which makes
it sure, that all the students get an exposure to practical life in relatively wellreputed
Habib Bank Limited commonly referred to as Habib Bank is the largest bank in
Pakistan and a thoroughly established banking chain throughout the world.
HBL has an extensive network of 1425 branches in Pakistan and 55
international branches that makes it one of the largest banks in Pakistan
Habib Bank Plaza is located in Karachi; Sindh is the formal headquarters of the
bank. The bank has a network outside Pakistan including USA, UK, Middle East,
Asia Pacific and Africa.
Customers are the key that makes HBL a top-ranked bank and HBL
continuously strives to keep its customers happy, which is why HBL has a
broad range of products that cater to the different needs of its customers.
In terms of HR activities, HBL could be ranked as one of the best employers in
The bank has a detailed HR policy that is continuously updated keeping in
mind the changes in technology and even employees responsibilities.
This report highlights the recruitment procedures, selection, training,
compensation and benefits that HBL covers in its HR policy. The HR
department isn’t the only party responsible for all the HR policies; HBL also
uses the services of consulting firms that help in administering the hr
1. HBL should increase its communication with customers about the terms and conditions
of its different products and services.
2. The management should make the innovative plans and schemes to utilize the
investment wisely.
3. The bank management should try to, at least, equalize the non-interest revenues &
expenses and reduce their gap.
4. In order to improve the net bank operating margin, the gap between the operating
revenues and expenses should be increased.
5. Efforts should be made to increase the earning per share to regain the confidence of the
6. The management should try to find other ways of generating income from new services
to reduce the earnings spread.
7. There should be strick monitoring over the expenses and should be incurred according
to the requirements. There should be a positive relationship between expenses and
8. Too much dependence on the outsiders (loans/ liabilities) goes against the bank. The
bank should strengthen its equity and decrease the portion of liability, and resultantly
decrease the equity multiplier ratio.
9. The appreciation should be encouraged by management of Habib bank.
10. Promotions should also be made for better output.
11. To motivate the employees their remuneration / salaries should be made at par with top
tier BanksDuring 2010,628 courses, workshops, skill development clinics and seminars
in the disciplines of Service & Attitude, Market Research & Selling,
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