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Lab Practical I Study Guide

Lab Practical I Study Guide
The following is a simplified guide to understanding the Laboratory Practical Exams; as these exams are
worth 20% of the overall course grade. Please note that these exams are standardized across the
department, and I am not the curator of these assessments. Each of the Laboratory Practical Exam will
focus on the information acquired through the interactive lab assignments through the Connect
platform. There is no laboratory manual for this course, and you will need to engage the lab materials
to gather the information needed to pass these exams successfully. The following is a breakdown of
what to expect for the first exam. There are 50 questions randomly selected from a pool, these
questions follow; multiple choice, labelling, true-false, and multiple select questions. I hope this assist
with a better understanding of what to expect.
Topics to be tested on Lab Practical I:
Animation (Revisit these slides and animations):
Epithelial Tissue
Nervous Tissue
Connective Tissue
Muscle Tissue
Multiple Choice Topics
Body Regions
Lab safety
Cells (Organelle functions)
Diffusion/Osmosis (Tonicity)
Body Planes
Major Tissue Types