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Corrosion Inhibitor
Product Description
BARACOR® 95 corrosion inhibitor is amine-based and water soluble. It is effective in drilling fluids, solids-free
brines and packer fluids. It can be used in a range of mono- and divalent brines. BARACOR 95 provides
protection for drillpipe, casing and other tubulars in drilling and completion systems. Corrosion protection can
be maintained at temperatures up to 375ºF (190ºC).
Water-based drilling fluids
Completion fluids
Brine packer fluids
Easily dispersed in water
Effective at low concentrations
High temperature corrosion control
Granted the best possible environmental rating
Typical Properties
Specific gravity:
Flash point:
pH (1% aqueous):
Clear liquid
205ºF (96ºC)
Recommended Treatment
Corrosion can be controlled and limited with the addition of up to 0.4% v/v BARACOR 95. Additions to divalent
brines should be limited in order to control precipitation. BARACOR 95 should be used as part of a corrosion
control program including biocide and appropriate scavengers.
BARACOR 95 corrosion inhibitor is packaged in 55 gallon (208 l) drums and 5 gallon (19 l) cans.
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