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Collect data: Peloton can acquire datas through surveys, interviews, and secondary
data such as customer’s browsing datas and their lter selections.
Analyze data: Peleton can use methods such as conjoint analysis and regression
line to determine the best solution to target the decline of peloton bike.
Attributes of good research: the research should not lack reliability, validity, and
Make decision
The main trade o is the utility. More brands to search before stopping to make a purchas
decision will results in a higher utility decision.
Recently, I was in searched for a school backpack to purchase. First 30 minutes of
searching, the NorthFace backpack was my number one option. Then after another 30
minutes of searching, I found the AER backpack, which was everything I needed for a
backpack. More space, more functionalities, higher quality, etc.
Unaided, because having aided questions give bias information to
the surveyor regarding their brand recall by giving them visible
• Reliability. For example the survey requires the participants to
answer in a short amount of time.
• Validity. For example the survey asks the participants about how
they are satisfy about the customer service of the company, but this
doesn’t have direct correlation to the quality of the paper, which
doesn’t represent the customer option of the company brand.
• Generalizability. For example the sample size is too small, which
results in inaccurate result.
I would nd brands that are trendy among millennials, and look at how they set up
their instagram account.
I would look for the engagement (likes, comments, reposts) of di erent companies and
compare how they are in uential in di erent demographic. (Looking at tags and
mentions on posts and stories of popular accounts.)
I would look at the number of followers as a clear indication of the brands’ awareness.
These secondary sources can help me have a better understanding of where Jcrew’
position is in the clothing industry. They provide clear correlation between
demographics and their favorite products, prices and costumers buying temptation,
and etc.
I would randomly select recent buyers and show them di erent product
pro les and ask them to rate each pro le and nd the most preferred one
based on the products attributes, such as, price, size, e ectiveness, etc.
Then I’ll run a regression to determine consumer attribute weights from
their choices, which will determine the most appealing pro le for the
The Nash equilibrium of this game is when both magazines report
budget stories on the front cover, which is (350,000, 350,000).
No, because in a prisoner dilemma, there’s a more optimal outcome then the
Nash Equilibrium. Also when 2 players pick the same action, one option of the
same action has a worse outcome for both players than the other option of the
same action. There’s always