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Corys cookies-profit fall 22

Please answer each of these questions after you have watched the posted video. This should be written in a
question and answer format. Example: Please list the question and then write your answer to the question.
Please give examples. Please do not answer the questions with a one-or two-word answer. Good luck!
1. What is Cory’s cookies brand, philosophy or story behind their product? How are they
branding themselves?
2. How does Cory’s cookies separate themselves from other cookies on the market?
3. Who are Cory’s cookies target market?
4. What are some of the issues Cory’s cookies are having with distribution?
5. People, process, product and distribution are key for any successful marketing plan. Marcus
said he would invest $100,000 dollars. Please list the 5 areas where he said he was going to
use that money in his marketing plan.
6. What is the straight licensing deal that Lisa signed? How does that work?
7. What does “direct to the consumer” mean in marketing?
8. Why is packaging important and how does Marcus want to distribute these cookies?
9. Why is it important to partner with the correct people?
10. What is complementary branding?