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Summary Assignmnet

According to Roos (2019), there are two types of fake/alternative meat. Plant-based protein, where
protein taken from plants is combined with other plant-based products to make meat and cell-based
meat; the process of artificially creating meat using solely an animal cell. They are considered
healthier as they are altered to contain less calories, fats, cholesterol, saturated fats as well as more
protein, fundamental amino acids, and vitamins than traditionally eaten meat. Fake meat has a
lower probability of containing animal-based illnesses that are usually transferred to humans. They
are further altered to contain less antibiotics; a significant issue with the meat industry which is
immensely threating the human population. Fake meat is assumed to be environmentally
sustainable as it requires less water, land and has lower fossil fuel emissions compared to traditional
meat. Alternative meat could play a major role in feeding the world’s growing population; however,
cannot replace the more sustainable and economical vegetables and legumes.