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ATP Coloring Sheet

ATP Coloring Sheet
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Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the carbon based compound that living organisms use for energy. It is made
of a nitrogen-containing base called adenine, a 5-carbon sugar called ribose, and 3 phosphate groups. ATP is
able to store and transport chemical energy within cells. The LAST TWO phosphate (PO 4) groups, are joined by
HIGH-ENERGY bonds. The energy comes from glucose molecules that are broken down in the mitochondria
during cellular respiration. When these high energy bonds between the phosphate groups at the end are
broken, energy is released for cells to use and ADP (adenosine diphosphate) forms, with one phosphate group
left on its own. Enzymes help to break and reform these high-energy bonds.
1. What does ATP stand for? __________________________________________________________________
2. What three main things make up an ATP molecule? ______________________________________________
3. How many high-energy bonds does ATP contain? ________________________________________________
4. Where are these high-energy bonds found in ATP? ______________________________________________
5. What helps weaken these bonds so energy can be released and then later help reform them? ___________
6. When ATP loses a phosphate group, __________ is released for cells and a molecule of _________ forms.
Color and Label
*You may choose to use different colors that those listed below, but make a KEY for your colors somehow!*
1. COLOR the 5-carbon sugar RED and LABEL it RIBOSE.
2. COLOR the nitrogen-base DARK BLUE and LABEL it ADENINE.
3. COLOR the 3 phosphate groups YELLOW and LABEL them.
4. COLOR the 2 high-energy bonds GREEN (or draw an arrow) and LABEL them.
5. Color the ADP and ATP molecules below the same colors as the above image.
6. Color the batteries – one as “partially charged” and the other as “fully charged.”
7. Color the ATP and the sun YELLOW.
8. Color the ARROWS of the ENERGY flow (sun to photosynthesis to sugar to respiration to ATP) YELLOW.
9. Color the ARROWS showing movement of H2O (water) in or out of the leaf DARK BLUE.
10. Color the ARROWS showing the movement of CO2 (carbon dioxide) GREY.
11. Color the ARROWS showing the movement of O2 (oxygen) LIGHT BLUE.
12. Color the PHOTOSYNTHESIS circle GREEN.
13. Color the SUGAR hexagon PINK.
14. Color the MITOCHONDRIA (respiration site) RED.
15. Color the food (storage) items any colors you like.