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Maths tips

. take notes 2. do homework early (don't procrastinate) 3. Study for the test (not last minute) 4.
Form or go to study groups 5.talk to professors (ask important questions) 6. re-do the
homework (work on speed) 7. read math books (his video on math start to finish will give you a
general idea on math books) 8. watch math videos (on anything but don't go binge watching,
focus on your problems on math topics) 9. at brunt out moment take breaks (remind yourself
what you have done and what you are doing, meditation helps too) 10. Go through the struggle
and find the beauty of math (think deep about it)
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1. do all of the homework problems (bare minimum). 2. go over your handwritten notes from class, make sure
you understand everything step by step (just watching videos is not enough), do the examples in class by
yourself. 3. keep redoing homework problems and example problems (pick a random problem and just do it).
Make sure you can do them comfortably. 4. pay attention to the topic list. 5. study for speed, make sure you
can do problems quickly. 6. reach the "nirvana". Study so much, that you can relax before the test.
1. Take good notes 2.Rewrite your notes after class 3.Redo all the exerc. given w.o. looking at your notes.
4.Do all your homework!! (Great for the tests) 5. ASK in class, interact /partcipate (helps memorization) 6.Go
to office-hours, if you need help. 7.Go over the teacher's review. 8.Try to read the book line by line, even if
you don't understand it. *Something is better than doing anything. 9.Find a good place to do hw/ no
interrumptions. 10. Form study groups , talk about maths and make friends.
1) 0:40 Set a timer 2) 2:22 Make it a daily habit 3) 3:05 Have a set number of problems 4) 5:10 Have a
comfortable environment to study 5) 6:07 Take breaks 6) 8:23 Closing words & recap (TLDR)