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1. How can one tackle the
problem of inequality
among different social
2. What are some specific
negative effects of
environmental pollution
that has influenced
people’s lives?
3. Why are there increasing
rates of apathy resulting
from politics nowadays in
comparison to the past
4. Should people be
encouraged by the
government to always
maintain sustainable and
5. How can you personally
foster people’s
responsibility for the
6. What is the most pressing
environmental issue in the
area where you live?
7. Introduce yourself and tell
us about the most special
character trait you can
boast off.
8. Narrate about the most
memorable day of your life.
Do you remember how you
felt back then?
9. Where do you see yourself
in the next five years?
10. What are the top three
things you like most about
your place of residence.
11. What are the three things
you like about your
institutional affiliation?
12. Do you remember the
last time you acted
bravely? What is the most
courageous thing you have
ever done in your life?
13. Recollect an event or
story of your life that is in
some way important for
you and from which you
have derived some kind of
lesson or message.
14. Your favorite book
author. What makes him/
her so special?
15. Try to describe your best
friend as vividly as
possible. What do you like
and dislike about him/ her?
16. When was the last time
that you had to provide
honest feedback to
17. Is there one thing in life
that could make you
18. Is there a person who
motivates you in life?
19. Do you agree that Paris
is a unique place for
travelers? Why?
20. Is there any television
show that, in your opinion,
should be canceled?
21. Is there any way to
eradicate cyberbullying
and online fraud?
22. What is the central
geopolitical problem that
should be tackled
23. What is your greatest
concern about the future?
24. Can money measure
real wealth?
25. Do you think it is fair that
animals are still killed for
meat, fur, and leather in
the modern world?
26. Do you believe in
27. What is the least useful
invention in the world?
28. If you had to choose on
your own to be a boy or a
girl before birth, which
gender would you choose?
29. What is the role of
communication in your life.
30. What is more important
personally to you: practical
skills or theoretical
31. Do you agree with the
proverb that beauty lies in
the eye of the beholder?
32. Imagine that you have
become extremely rich one
day. What would you do
with all the money you
33. Would you like to choose
a country where you would
like to live? Why?
34. If you could become an
animal for one day, what
animal would you become
and why?
35. What is the happiest
moment of your entire life?
36. Is there anything that
people can do to save the
37. Are exams still effective
for evaluating one’s
38. Is there a possibility to
achieve peace all around
the world?
39. If you could make an
invention, what would it
40. Should fur clothing be
banned on the
governmental level?
41. When shopping, do you
pay more attention to
quality or prices?
42. What are the
components of a healthy
43. Is there anything in your
life that you could be proud
44. Is it a prudent idea to be
a vegan?
45. If you knew that you had
only one day to live, what
would you do?
46. What is the meaning of
family for you?
47. What does a perfect day
look like?
48. Should the government
constantly encourage
people to convert waste
into reusable material?
49. If your life was a movie,
what title would you give
50. People say the biggest
challenge in life is
discovering who you are,
do you agree?
51. The world is full of nice
people. In your own
opinion, are you one of
52. When you are in a room
full of people, do you
mostly feel happy or
53. What do you think is a
healthy lifestyle?
54. When you go for
shopping, which one is
more important for you,
price, or quality?
55. People say the biggest
challenge in life is
discovering who you are,
do you agree?
56. The world is full of nice
people. In your own
opinion, are you one of
57. How do you start a
conversation with a
58. What human quality do
we need more of and why?
59. Tell us about yourself
and share some unusual
trait that you have.
60. If you knew you only had
24 hours left to live, what
would you do?