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1. Based on the definition of Exercise and Physical Activity List at least 5 household
chores or daily activities and identify if it is Physical Activity and Exercise
Physical Activity
1. Selling goods at our store
1. Stretching every morning
2. Playing with my cats & dogs
2. Washing the dishes every morning and night
3. Decorating Christmas Tree
3. Cleaning the house every MWF
4. Car and motor washing
4. Cleaning my pet’s litter boxes every morning
5. Redesigning my room
5. Morning Jog every Saturday
2. Do you consciously incorporate physical activity into your daily lifestyle? Provide some
Yes. I am aware that I am doing physical activities in my daily life. A simple way of
helping my mother sell goods in our store involves bodily movement of my skeletal
muscles like walking around the store finding for the product that the customer needs.
Another is when my father asks me to wash our motors and cars wherein it requires me
to carry pale of water and use our power spray with strength. Moreover, when I am
designing my room or arranging my closet it requires my strength to carry objects and
move it on their designated places. The examples listed above are things that I do in my
lifestyle that in a simple way I can maintain a healthy lifestyle unlike laying all day at
the bed and doing nothing.
3. Do you think that in order to maintain good health you must get sufficient daily physical
activity? Why or Why not?
With the emerging technology we have today, there are gadgets that we can use to see
if we have the sufficient physical activity we do in a day. I use my watch to count the
steps I have done that monitors my heart rate too. Thus, it is important to monitor or be
ware of our daily physical activity. However, we must also eat healthy foods and avoid
foods that may affect our health. By walking or accomplishing the count of steps as
being told by my watch it has a big help in improving my lifestyle. What we do
everyday that makes us move or have sweat is a good sign that we are having sufficient
physical activity. Therefore, in order to have a good body health we can use gadgets
like smart watches that guides us for everyday physical activity goals.