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Art Tips

A Painting Process
to organize your thoughts into steps
and design an image efficiently
- graphic line brainstorm, design, movement of image
• sketch out some broad lines & quick gestural shapes to design the most basic
direction of action & rough composition of your image
- drafting line planning the space of your image: perspective, proportion, planes
• now use line to plan out your perspective, scale/proportion, and planes/volume,
and shape design.
- notan black & white harmony, edges
• black and white graphic composition. design edges based on depth, planes,
textures, light. focus on large specific shapes.
- value & color underpainting, temperature, light, color design
• block in the underlying colors “blood colors”, temperature, and overall color design
• then, using color/value, clarify planes and space/atmosphere, stay mindful of your
composition and guide the eye.
• stay zoomed out - only enough detail to “sell” your subject, textures, planes,
overlapping shapes, atmosphere etc.
• be mindful of your notan value design when designing new shapes (get creative
with value, hue, saturation!)
• lastly - clarify any specific planes, shapes and textures with color & value
(prioritize the detail based on subject/composition)
use references, pay attention to the drawing, flip/flop your image, stay flexible & simple!
originally from Jeremy Fenske