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ASL Stories

#2. I was waiting in line to order food and a woman cut in front of me.
Misunderstood: she did not see me standing there.
#4. She saw him running through a crowd of people pushing everyone aside.
Misunderstood: He just found out his daughter is in the hospital.
#6. He told the man to go home, we don’t like you
misunderstood: they were practicing for a show
#8. Woman looked very angry shopping at the grocery store.
Misunderstood: she didn’t drink any coffee yet today.
#10. She ignored the man on the street asking for directions.
Misunderstood: She was listening to music and did not hear him.
#11. Man was on the phone talking about how great of a worker he is.
Misunderstood: he was doing an phone interview.
#12. Man carrying a heavy box down the street and another man came to grab it from him.
Misunderstood: they were friends and were moving together.
#14. He saw her getting arrested.
Misunderstood: they let her go. They had the wrong person.
#15. He told me you were in the principals office a lot in high school.
Misunderstood: he was helping the principal write a speech for graduation.
#17. In high school, she was always sitting in the back in class and never talked to anyone.
Misunderstood: she just moved from Mexico and didn’t speak much English.
#18. My friends mom always took his cell phone even when he was home only 5 minutes late
from school.
Misunderstood: my friend lied, he was actually getting in trouble all the time.
#28. In a group project, he kept telling everyone else their ideas were wrong.
Misunderstood: He was the only one in the group passing the class.
#29. I saw a man try over and over to park in the same spot, but there were other spots.
Misunderstood: He was practicing for his driving test.
#35. I gave my friend a ride to the airport and she kept telling me to drive faster.
Misunderstood: Her flight was an hour earlier than I thought!