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Service Learning Part A

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Service Learning Project Part A
Your Name:_____Ethan_______
Name of Your Community:____Burke________
1. Identify at least two issues in your community. Select the one that interests you most.
2. Now use this chart to take notes as you research. Seek help from the library, Internet, family
and friends, and trusted community members. Your city or county government website may
be helpful. Be sure to note where you find information in your chart.
Community Issue: ____Pollution bodies
of water______
Whom does the issue or problem affect?
How does it affect them?
Research Notes
The issue at large effects everyone in
my community. Polluted waters is
harmful and can kill the animals and
decrease the quality of our air. Local
news outlets have information that can
help me.
Who has information that can help you?
What factors contribute to the problem?
What type of service might be most helpful
to people affected by the issue?
One and a very big factor that
contributed to the pollution of our water
is Hurricane Ian. Another reason is
littering, the trash that is left by the
littering can later (and does) fall into the
rivers and ponds. People can be of by
service by picking up trash they see from
the ground, the county providing more
trash cans.
Where does the issue have greatest
Where can you find people working on it?
The area that pollution has the greatest
effect on is our waters. I can see people
picking up trash around our rivers and
ponds. Keeping our urban ecosystem
When did the issue or problem begin?
When is help needed?
Pollution has been going on for many
years, but with Ian coming through and
causing a whole plethora of issues for
our environment.
Why do people think this issue is
Why do you think it is important?
People along with myself think this
issue is important because of the danger
it poses to the environment and wildlife
that lives within it.
Record the titles and locations of any
books, websites, or people that helped you.
Use this chart to organize information for your service.
What I can do to help–list all steps
To start help cleaning up our community
canals and ponds, I will gather some likeminded people to join me cleaning and
picking up trash from the ground, ponds,
and our beaches.
Related organization and name of
contact person, including organization
phone number, email, street address
Florida Department of Environmental
Protection, 850-245-2118,
Public.Services@FloridaDEP.gov, 3900
Commonwealth Boulevard Tallahassee,
Florida 32399-3000
Dates and locations of any events
already scheduled by the organization
that I can participate in
Saturday, November 26, 2022
- 9:30am to 11:30am EST 505
Guana River Rd.
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
Is there a minimum age for the task I
would like to participate in? Am I old
No anyone can participate.
How will I get to the event(s) and back
home again?
I will drive myself from my house to the
given location.
Do I have parent or guardian permission?
Who can help me and how?
My mother would love for me to do this.
Deadline for completing my task
Saturday, November 26, 2022
- 9:30am to 11:30am