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5 Kazakhstan amazing places where
you need to go
Trans-Ili Alatau
Trans-Ili Alatau Majestic mountain peaks Gyeonggi-Alatau - one of the most beautiful
places in Kazakhstan. Two ridge stretching from west to east from Almaty to Issyk-Kul.
Guests Kazakhstan and extreme mountain lovers are attracted impregnable mountain
glaciers, beautiful mountain streams, charming valley where sheep graze nomadic
Khan Tengri peak
The most beautiful and the mountain peak is not only Kazakhstan, but also throughout the world. The
fame of this place brought unusual form of its top - almost perfect pointed pyramid, which during
sunrise and sunset is painted with the whole mountain in red color. Since ancient times, people have
inhabited this interesting and beautiful place surrounded by spirits and its legends.
Lake Kolsay
Lake Kul-Seille or Kolsay one of the most beautiful
places of Kazakhstan, the
three green lakes filled
with pure ice-cold water of
the same river in the
foothills of the Trans-Ili
Alatau at an altitude of
2000 m The lake is rainbow
trout, found only in the
spring, or running water,
and. the surrounding
mountains you can find red
deer, ibex and even bears.
Katon-Karagay - a unique
place in East Kazakhstan
Region, where the National
Park and Preserve. There is
very beautiful nature forests coexist with subalpine meadows, lakes and
rivers - the mountains. The
reserve boasts a variety of
fauna: It is home to moose,
bears, deer, ermine, sable
and many other rare species
of wildlife.
Borovoye is considered the most famous resort of Kazakhstan, famous for its nature, dozens of
resorts, clear air. In summer - a great vacation at the lake, and winter - sports entertainment. The
main attraction of the area is called Zhumbaktas rock - a rock-mystery that its shape resembles
the one hand of the Egyptian sphinx, the other - the old woman, and the third - the girl-beauty.