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CLIL (1)

A. Look at the picture carefully. Follow the instructions to complete
the activity.
B. Match the word to the correct picture.
C. Circle the correct answer.
D. Draw a picture of your family. Label your mother, father, sister,
brother and yourself.
E. Draw a family tradition.
F. Put the number of the word next to the correct picture.
G. Circle the best answer.
1. Sounds are made when something ___________.
a. Stays still b. vibrates c. jumps
2. What would make a loud sound?
3. Which one is a musical instrument?
4. You hear sound waves when they travel into _________.
H. Circle True or False.
1. Things that vibrate make sound.
True False
2. Sound can only travel short distance. True False
3. You can see sound waves.
True False
I. Circle the correct answer.
1. Which instrument has strings?