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Word Formation exercise

Name: _________________________
Date: ________________________
1) Use the word given in capitals at the end of the lines to form a word that fits
in the gap.
Animal Magic
2) BONUS ACTIVITY: What part of speech is each of the words in capitals?
READY: _______________
NIGHT: _______________
BE: _______________
ADAPTATION: _______________
KEEP: _______________
HAPPIER: _______________
TECHNICAL: _______________
PLAYER: _______________
3) Read the text below and think of a word which best fits each gap. Use only
one word in each gap.
Yes, most do- after all, ants __________ fascinating creatures to watch close
__________. But of course they’re not funny __________ cuddly, __________
children can’t interact with them in the same __________ that they can with a cat or
a dog. __________ you pick them up or try to play with __________, they can give
you quite a nasty bite. So inevitably __________ children start to grow tired
__________ them, pay less attention __________ them.