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Textbook scavanger hunt

Textbook Scavanger Hunt (15pts)
Directions: Use your Elevate Science text book to answer the following questions.
1. How many different topics are covered in this book?
2. On page 18, what kind of map is shown? What is the mountain that is represented?
3. In Topic 2 on page 63, what type of cycle is being shown?
4. Using the case study found on page 142, what is the name of the volcano being described and in what
state can it be found?
5. Look at the Model It! On page 170, what is the volcanic region around the Pacific Ocean called?
6. What US landmark is pictured on the bottom of page 231?
7. Look for the term renewable resources on page 275. What does it mean?
8. What does Topic 7 lesson 2 cover?
9. Using the table on page 391, what period began 201 million years ago?
10. Find the vocabulary word current on page 427, what does it mean?
11. What is the title of the graph on page 463?
12. Using the picture on page 517, how many different phases of the moon are there?
13. How many moons does Jupiter have, according to page 545?
EXTRA CREDIT (2points) What is the picture on the cover of the textbook? Where can I find it in the
United Sates?