Uploaded by Rafael Ventura

Climate Change

Name: Ventura, Vincent Jay Rafael D.
Section: E1B
Date: March 20, 2021
Professor: Mr. Retania, Joseph Victor
How did you know about climate change?
First it was taught in grade school and how it affects the environment and the causes of it and it became
a knowledge on how to help the environment, seeing videos on social media about this topic like
browsing in Facebook or in YouTube can tell you a lot about this topic and after learning about climate
change it became an information that you know without searching in the internet.
What is the importance of the study these kinds of topics?
These topics are the ones that keeps the environment habitable for us humans it help us prepare for the
worse like drought or extreme flood or climates that are out of season affecting agricultural lands, even
though we know this topic some disregard it and claim that climate change is something that is from a
fan fiction. Helping the environment or the earth is beneficial for us for it is the one that supply our
needs or means to survive, we might know a lot about this topic but we don't have a proper solution yet
except from mitigating our impact to the environment.