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Bio test ( - Biomolecules, The Nature of Matter, Properties of Water,Chemical Reactions,Enzymes

ElementPure substance (made up of atoms)
What are Elements made ofAtoms
What are biomocules made up of______Hydrogen and Carbon
Compundtwo or more <b>elements</b> bonded togther 
Compounds have different properties than the _________ they are made up ofelement
Water has unique properties. Name themPolar, Cohension, Universal Solute
Polarnegative + positive
Cohesionsticks to itself
Universal Soluteother substances dissovle in it (salt,suger)
Chemical ReactionsProcces of turning one set of chemicals into another
Chemical Reactions are like ______Equations (1 + 1 = 2)
Proteins ______ and ______muscleBuild and repair
Polymermultiple monomers bonded
Monomera molecule that can be bonded
Carbohydatefast energy
lipidsstored energy
Nucleaic AcidsTramsimit genetic info (DNA)
Chemical Reactionchanges in chemical bonds
Reactantthe compunds that are going to change
Productthe compund after the reaction
Activation energyenergy nned to start reaction 
Catalyst  element or a compound that increases the rate of chemical reaction
Enzymespeed up reaction
2 things that denature enzymePH and temperature
what does denature meanthe shape of enzyme changes
Enzyme are ______ specifichighly
Enzymes belong to the organic compund know as _______Catalysts
Another name of enzymes are _______proteins
Saturation point/ Optmum point. This happens when best _____ and ____ level are reachedEnzyme is max effenciancy. This happens when best temp. and pH are reached
Substatesmaterial that is being broken down
"<img src=""paste-62927a3024b5ec8a6c126113b4c0a14888740fcf.jpg"">"Carbs: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen <br>Lipids:  Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen  <br>Protein: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, <b>Nitrogen</b><br>Nucleic Acids: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, <b>Nitrogen</b>, <b>phosphorus</b><br>