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All you need to make money with Forex is
1. The Signals from ProsaProfit MINI or ELITE
2. A trading account with a good broker
3. The Metatrader 4 App on your phone or laptop
If you got this guide from us, you must already have access to the signals.
The following steps will walk you through setting up a trading account and getting it ready for
STEP 1) Sign up for your trading account
You have to sign up for one of the following brokers as a member of the ProsaProfit program.
Our trading signals are based on the spread/leverage/contract sizes of these brokers.
Account ​must be NEW​ for 2 reasons.
Firstly, if you don’t sign up for one of the options below, you ​risk losing money​ ​due to improper
risk management.
Secondly, by registering via our unique partner links below makes your account ​eligible for the
giveaways ​we're gonna be holding, giving out ​cash, iphones, ipads and other valuable
goods​ to help you with your trading.
If you have a broker already, and want to keep using them, then you can do so by acknowledging the risk
mentioned above. You should be experienced enough to understand the rules of trading and adjust
accordingly. You also won’t be eligible for any members’ only giveaways held by us.
Option 1: Best Account Broker Worldwide
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What account type should you choose?
Choose Micro or Gold as a beginner. If you are more experienced and have capital above 10k
choose ECN.
After signing up you have to verify your account in 2 simple steps:
1) Upload proof of identity ​(that’s National ID, Passport or Driving License)
2) Upload proof of address ​(Utility bill such as electricity, gas, phone or bank statement)
When verified (takes 1-2 days), you will be able to have a LIVE account and deposit your
trading money to it. Deposit the minimum of $500. Only a small percentage of this will be used
for trading.
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Option 3: Alternative Brokers
Ignore these unless you had a problem with 1&2 or got specific instructions from the ProsaProfit
A.(Worldwide, Not USA): Create your trading account by ​clicking here
It’s one of the world’s biggest brokers, with headquarters in Australia and 260+ employees.
B. ​(Worldwide) Create your trading account by ​clicking here
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of the world’s most used brokers since 2011.
STEP 2) Download the Metatrader 4 app on your phone
Not​ Metatrader 5. Get the Metatrader 4 version
When you have the app:
Click on “settings” =>”new account” => “log in to existing account”.
You will find your login details for your live account in your e-mail. The broker you chose will
send them to you.
Congratulations. You’ve set up everything. You’re ready to begin trading!
CHAPTER 2: How To Make The Most
Money As a ProsaProfit Member
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As a member of either ProsaProfit Mini or Elite, you get the exclusive privilege of becoming an
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To register as an ambassador simply ​open the bot​ and say the command: ​/affiliate
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Placing a trade is ​very easy​ when you get the hang of it.
In the beginning you might feel like seeing a foreign language on your screen.
I guarantee you that this won’t be true after finishing this guide and placing a few trades.
What you have to understand now is:
1. You receive the trading signals on telegram
2. You use Metatrader 4 to place the trades
Let’s walk you through the process of receiving and placing a trade.
This is what the signals look like.
Now here is how to place the trades inside the Metatrader App.
STEP 1: Find the currency pair (EURCAD) in Metatrader
STEP 2: Click on it to place your trade
After you click on the symbol you will see these options shown on the left (trade,chart,details)
Depending on the phone you use, the exact wording might be slightly different. This is an
example from an iphone.
Note: To find a currency pair or commodity (gold,oil etc), that is ​NOT​ in the list of options when
you click ​“Quotes”,​ click the ​+​ symbol on the top right corner to search for it. If you can’t find it,
you either spelled it wrong, or it’s already in your list of options (quotes).
STEP 3: Reading The Trade
1. ​BUY -> means that we’re purchasing the pair, and expect it to go up in value. If it was SELL
instead of buy, it’s the opposite.
2. ​EURCAD -> It’s the currency pair we’re trading. It could be any other of a dozen things.
3.​ 1.53260 -> ​ENTRY​: This is the market price at which we’re entering the trade. Ideally, you
want to buy or sell as close to this as possible.
4.​ SL -> Means ​Stop Loss​. This is the indicated mark for closing the trade if it doesn’t go as
expected. It’s going to close ​automatically​ if it hits this mark.
5.​ TP1 -> Means ​Take Profit​ Target 1. The trade closes automatically with profit if it reaches
this point.
6.​TP2 -> Means ​Take Profit​ Target 2. This is a more ambitious target that will give more profit.
Note:​ most of the time we only have one TP target. In such cases the trading signal would look
like this.
STEP 4: Placing The Trade
This is ​one trade​ that contains ​two orders​.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Note:​ If you see TP1 and TP2, you place the order T
​ WICE,​ once for each TP target.
To place a trade you must understand two very important concepts: LOT SIZE & PIPS
Your “lot” represents the size of your trades in Forex. Not everybody should use the same Lot
Size. It depends on 1) the money in your account and 2) your preferred risk.
Beginners can calculate their lot size using the formula
Lot = balance/40000
For example if you have $500 in your account, your lot size would be $500/40,000= 0.01
Or if you have $40,000 in your account, your lot size would be $40,000/40,000 = 1
This is a simple and conservative approach for beginners.
The most commonly used Lot Sizes are these three:
● Standard Lot = 1
● Mini Lot = 0.1
● Micro Lot = 0.01
We use “pips” to measure the change in currency value relative to another currency.
Not everybody has the same money in their account (or uses the same lot).
Because of that, you can’t say that a trading signal is $1000 in profit. But you can say it’s 100
pips in profit.
For example, look at the following trade to understand this better:
You buy USDCAD at ​1​.​2​8​8​00
​ ​.
0 -> last digit is called the “pipette”, you ignore that
0 -> that’s 0 pips (pips start here)
8 -> that’s 80 pips
8 -> that’s 800 pips
2 -> that’s 2000 pips
1-> that’s 10,000 pips
The Take Profit (TP) is 1.31800.
That is a 300 pip difference.
To find out how many pips a movement is, here is a rule of thumb:
Simply deduct the highest from the lowest number (also remove the first digit, the dot and the
last digit)
For most currency pairs, it works like shown in the above example. There are some exceptions.
Exception #1: Currencies that include JPY
These have 1 less digit than other currency pairs:
Again, you ignore the last digit, because that is the pipette. You ignore the 1st digit and the dot.
The Entry: 3935
The TP is: 4015
The SL is 3855
So you have 4015-3935 = 80 pips from Entry to TP and 3935-3855=80 pips from Entry to SL
Exception #2: Gold (XAUUSD)
For Gold, every 1 point is 10 pips. That's the simplest way to calculate it
For example, from 1920 to 1925 we have a 5 point difference or 50 pips. From 1920 to 1905 we have a
15 point difference or 150 pips.
Exception #3: Indices (NAS100, US30, DE30)
For indices, every 1 point is 10 pips
For this NAS100 trade, we have a 100 point difference from 12000 to 11900. That’s 1000 pips.
We also have a 50 point difference from 12000 to 12050, and that’s 500 pips. It’s the same for
DE30 and US30.
Don’t worry champion, now that you know what Lot and Pips are, simply use ​this
calculator to make your life easy. You can play with it to see how much you make/lose
for each trade with your lot size.
STEP 6: RISK MANAGEMENT: Reducing risk & increasing profit
Our goal is to win, and we trade scientifically. This is not roulette. We rely on statistics.
We only risk a small percentage of our total money in every trade. And keep the risk as low as
If you only risk 1% of your account in every trade, that means you would need ONE HUNDRED
CONSECUTIVE LOST TRADES to lose your money. Statistically speaking, that’s a very difficult
thing to happen.
How much should you risk per trade?
That depends on how conservative or aggressive you are.
1% to 2%
Very aggressive
Not recommended
You choose your risk profile based on 1) your trading goals 2) account money
Let’s say you see this trade, with a 30 pip SL.
Here’s a simple formula for currencies and gold to calculate your lot size based on the above:
$risk/pips/10= lot size
For example: you have a $500 account and you want a moderate risk of 3% per trade. That’s
$15 risk per trade.
The trade has a 30 pip Stop Loss, that means your lot size would be: ​$15/30/10 = 0.05 lots
This formula is not exact, but it’s pretty close to what the calculator apps below will give you.
The advantage is that it’s faster.
Use an app like STINU or FX Calculators to help you calculate your lot size
Decide how many dollars/euros you want to risk per trade. Let’s say again that’s 3% per trade.
If your account is 500, then the 3% of that would be 15 dollars/euros per trade
For FX calculators, just go to Position Size
1.Choose your pair (EURNZD for example)
2.Add entry and stop loss
3.Add how much $ you want to risk on that trade ($15 for example, which is 3% of your account)
Look at the "standard lot" field. It says 0.071
So you round it up to 0.07 lots
Stinu works similarly.
When you see a signal that doesn’t say just “buy” or “sell”, it is a ​different​ type of purchase.Plain
buy and sell orders are defined as “market execution”. You use the price at that exact moment.
The rest are automated/pending orders, for which we wait for a target price to be hit in order to
open. It may open, but it also may not open.
In the above “buy limit” example for USOIL, we’ve
foreseen that the market price will drop down to 29.00. It’s
not currently at 29.00.
It could be 29.80 or 35.00 or whatever.
This will be an ​inactive​ trade at first. It will ​only​ be
activated, if the target buy price is hit.
To find the “buy limit” option, click on “market execution”
for the menu to be revealed.
You find Sell Limit, Buy Stop and Sell Stop orders
Many times you will receive a notification like this:
The key part is ​“move sl to be”
That means “move stop loss to break even”
Or it could be “SL to entry”
These mean the exact same thing. You MOVE the stop loss to the entry price. The price you
bought or sold for ​(price next to the currency pair when you get the signal)
In that case, if the SL is hit, there is neither loss nor profit. We do this when a trade is in profit to
protect our money.
To move your SL to BE/entry, do this:
Click and hold to open trade (or swipe left on iphone)
Hit the “​Modify​” trade
Simply update the SL field and hit the modify button to finalize.
Important​: When we say “move SL to BE” that’s always based on the signal’s reference entry.
Not your entry. Everyone enters at a slightly different price. It’s impossible to account for every
single entry. SL to BE means the signal’s break even.
3) HOW TO TAKE PARTIALS (Close a part of the open order)
Taking partials = close a part of your order.
Usually, you can close half. You can also choose ​not​ to take partials and let the profit run. It's
completely up to you. You are the investor of your money. But the default option though is to
close a part. Here’s how:
Go to your “trades” tab
Swipe left and choose the “​close​” option.
Update the lot number field to half of what it is. If you entered with 1 lot, you’d make it
0.50 for example
Press the “close with profit” button.
Congratulations, you secured the money bag.
Leverage multiplies your money in the Forex markets. With a 1:100 leverage you transform your
$1000 into $100,000 Your broker is like a bank, giving you $100,000 to trade currencies. The
only thing they ask you is a $1000 deposit.
Don’t worry about this too much though. It’s mostly informational.
If you’re a beginner, it doesn’t matter if your leverage is 1:100 or 1:500. You apply proper risk
management and only risk a small % of your account. Your leverage doesn’t make a difference,
unless you have no self-control, ignore the rules and increase your lot size beyond what’s
normal for your account size.
Every trade subjects you to the spread between the “sell” and “buy” indicated prices. When you
“buy” you work on the “ask” price, which is what the traders at the moment are prepared to sell.
When you “sell” you work on the “bid” price, which is what the traders at the moment are
prepared to buy. You will see that the bid and ask prices are different. That’s because of
something called “spread”. That’s the reason why most trades will immediately open
That’s the ratio of the TP divided by the SL of a signal. Good signals always have a positive
RRR. For example, let’s say you bought Gold (XAUUSD) at 1900.The SL is 1895.The TP is
1910. That’s 50 pips to SL and 100 pips to TP, or a 1:2 RRR. The benefit of a positive RRR like
that? Every 1 winning trade covers 2 losing trades.
1. Always trade with capital you can afford to lose
Trading Forex is not a game. It’s not Monopoly. It’s not smart to go all in. This isn’t gambling.
Like any other investment, it has risks. Only trade with extra capital you have sitting in the bank
or under the mattress, collecting dust.
2. Always trade with capital you can easily replace
It’s not a smart move to throw all your savings in your forex account. It’s not a smart move to
trade if you have no income. Trading can be a great extra source of income, but you must still
have your main one, that funds your trading account.
3. Do not trade with lot sizes higher than advised
Your first and foremost goal in trading is to ​protect​ your money. Risking more than you should
will make you emotional and anxious. It’s not a good move to inflate your lot size, thinking you
are going to make more money faster than way. Strict to the plan and follow the risk
management approach explained in the previous chapters.
4. Your earnings are proportionate to your account
You can’t expect to be making THOUSANDS of dollars if you just have HUNDREDS in your
account. Don’t be upset that each single trade doesn’t double your account. You can’t
realistically expect to have a $1000 account and earn $500 on each trade. It could be $20 or
$40 per trade, but at the end, all these small wins add up.
5. Trading is a marathon, not a sprint.
Trading is LONG TERM.
No individual trade matters in the grand scheme of things. Not even a day, a week or a month
This is not roulette. This is not gambling. Some weeks are slow, some weeks are fast. Some
months are slow. Some months are fast.
We trade for long term gains. That includes a risk management strategy, built-in our system.
Losing 50% of your balance, requires a 100% gain to just break even.
6. The power of COMPOUNDING works in your favor
Look at what happens with a “small” $1000 account after 24 months of consistent 20% gains.
It turns into $79,496.85. But if you notice the curve, you will see most of the growth happens in
the last few months. In the beginning it’s slow. But it builds up and builds up, little by little.
You can play with the compounding calculator h
​ ere
When You Lose a Trade
If you're managing your risk correctly, it won't be a problem to have a few losses here and there.
Just be patient and consistent. It will pay off in the end. Individual days don't matter. Individual
trades don’t matter.We are in for the long run.
When You Miss a Trade
Sometimes you won’t see the notification. You will be busy. You won’t hear your phone ring.
It doesn't matter that much. Don’t be upset that you “missed” it. That feeling of missing
something is a natural human emotion. Understand that trading is a marathon, not a sprint.
So if you miss a signal or a whole day during your trading, winning or losing day, don't worry.
1. How do I place the trade at the correct price?
It’s very hard to get the EXACT same price as the signal. You will always enter somewhere
close, unless it’s a “limit” or “stop” order.
The idea is to get in as close as possible to the signal’s entry.
When to enter for currencies:
Within 5 pips is ideal, 10 pips is late, anything more is “leave it”.
When to enter for gold:
Gold moves faster than currencies. If you don’t see it at the entry price, you can enter if the
price is close, or wait a minute to see if it goes close to entry.
For example: If the entry is BUY at 1900, and you buy at 1900.50, that’s fine, it’s only 5 pips. If
the entry is BUY at 1900 and you buy at 1903, that’s wrong.
When to enter for indices:
For indices, let's say NAS100, it's okay if the entry is buy at 12500 and you get in at 12505
Even though it's "50 pips", it's not the same as gold or currencies. Indices move like lightning.
It's not good if you enter at 12525 though.
1. Currencies: no more than 10 pips
2. Gold (XAUUSD): no more than 10 pips (1 point)
3. Indices (NAS/GER/US30): no more than 50 pips (5 points)
2. When do we trade?
Markets are open Monday to Friday, but we trade only when we have good trades. Sometimes
that means 5/5, sometimes it could be just 1/5. Our goal is to increase our balance every month.
It is NOT to stay busy placing trades all day long.
3. What times do the markets open/close?
PST: 2pm Friday to 2pm Sunday
EST: 5pm Friday to 5pm Sunday
GMT: 10pm Friday to 10pm Sunday
When markets close, prices freeze and nothing moves.
Metals (XAU/XAG) are slightly different:
PST: 3pm Friday to 2pm Sunday
EST: 6pm Friday to 5pm Sunday
GMT: 11pm Friday to 10pm Sunday
Daily for 1 hour at 2pm/6pm/10pm
4. Can my account balance go negative and lose more than I have in my account?
If your balance becomes very low, you receive what’s known as a “margin call”. Your broker
sends you a warning notification that you’re running low on funds. When you get that, there is a
possibility that your open positions will be forcibly closed. That would close all your trades
automatically before your balance goes to zero.
5. Should I re-enter a trade?
No. Do not do cowboy orders. Don’t enter trades late. Don’t re-enter stopped orders or old
Don’t enter trades twice. Also, entering a trade twice may lead to you losing twice. Resist the
impulse to always be “in”. Good trades are the only thing that matters. Follow the system.
6. Holy shit the trade is losing money. Should I close it?
No trade is final until it hits the Stop Loss or Take Profit target.
It could go up and down 200 times and it does NOT matter.
Do not touch it in the meanwhile. Ideally, don’t check it either. It doesn’t help you in any way.
You can’t change it by looking at it. So why do it?
7. How often should I check my trades?
There’s a reason you put your money to work for you.
Leave your trades open. Check them THE NEXT DAY. Drink a beer and chill
8. Can you enter a trade late?
Not recommended. You should have telegram notifications on. Be ready to place it as soon as
the signal is sent.
Market price of entry is indicated after the currency pair.
If you’re late, you cannot enter if the trade has hit SL or TP. However, if the market price is in
between Entry Price and SL, you can still enter, even if you saw it late.
If the current price is between Entry and TP, you should only join if the current market price is
close to Entry.
1.​Wirex Debit Card: 3 In 1 Wallet With Debit Card, Multiple Currencies & Crypto
The best way to deposit and withdraw funds to your forex account is cryptocurrency like bitcoin.
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Plus, there are many other benefits to owning cryptocurrencies.
The question is: how do you buy and use crypto hassle free?
The answer is with a ​Wirex​ Account. You simply register, and use any mastercard or visa card
you have to buy bitcoin. If you want to spend your cryptocurrency, you can order the free Wirex
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1. So, you make money with Forex.
2. Withdraw your earnings as bitcoin to your Wirex account.
3. Use the free wirex visa debit card to spend your earnings
I do this myself and I don’t recommend any other way.
You can sign up for your free wirex account h
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​2. Foreign Bank Account with Remote Opening
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