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Anariza Calambro BSED 4A
1. How prepared is the school for face-to-face engagement? What work schedule is
observed and what preparation do they have in terms of physical set up to provide
for the physical presence of the students?
I think the school that I chose to have my Field Studies specifically in ’’ANNEX”
as what they were called before and known as SNHS or Sibalom National High School
now, the work schedule mostly starts 6:30 in the morning and ends 5:30 in the
afternoon. I can say that the school administration, faculties and teachers are really
prepared because as a teacher we should be or we must be flexible to adapt the
changes in everything so in another words the school is really prepared with the faceto-face engagement of the students but then I can say that the students are not yet
prepared with that because most of them before, are in modular learning modalities
wherein they are not directly taught by a teacher they are the ones who make
theirselves learned
Undeniably, most of them are dependent with their parents in answering their
modules and tasks so that’s why students are not prepared with the new learning
environment as they were quarantined for almost two years at their homes. But for the
school as what I’ve said a while ago is that they are totally ready and including all the
teachers because they are there to face new sets of students doing their jobs and they
are still obeying the protocols as we are still in the pandemic. As to school facilities and
equipments it was all present. Overall, the school is totally ready and prepared.
2. How do the students find the F2F engagement after the two-year home
arrangement for learning?
Honestly, based on my observation with their performance in school specifically
(Grade 7 students in the STE & SPJ), though they are the one that we observed to and
our Resource Teacher is a Grade 7 Adviser. What I observed with them is that their
mindset and behaviour is still young in the manner that they still act as an elementary
students and another thing is that most of them are not quite well when it comes to
reading and spelling.
Additionally, their comprehension level wasn’t developed in the thing that
eventhough the teacher revised the lesson many times and gave them a comprehensive
test is that most of them still got a low score. It’s very alarming to the school and to the
teachers and mostly to their parents, that even the STE&SPJ students are still low
learners. Unfortunately, the students are still imagining that they’re still in a modular
learning wherein that they are being dependent with their parents and family
members that there’s no need for them to answers their tasks but there are their
parents and their siblings to handle everything and that’s a bane or disadvantages of
pandemic in the educational system. Students are not well-equipped with the
October 10, 2022 Attendance Activity-Monday
learnings that the teacher distributes for them to study but they are just being
dependent with their parents that’s why the result does nothing to them as they’re
now on a classroom setting and doing face to face learning.
3. What insights have you gained so far on the two episodes? Is FS1 observation
worth your effort and time to you as a pre-service teacher?
The insights that I’ve gained from these two episodes is that these learnings and
ideas that we learn will help us as a pre-service teacher when we will be at our own
battlefield specifically in teaching. These will make us well-equip and prepared with
the things to do and to prepare our proper decorum also when we are in our field.
Affirmatively, FS1 observation was worth our time and effort in such a way that
these will help us pre-service teachers as we are tasks to observe specific teachers on
how they teach and manage the classroom and their students and not just the teacher
is what we observed but also the students as we will be having our Action Research
and we need to observe students what are their lackings in learning and we will think,
analyze, scrutinize and solve the problems that the students experiencing.
These activities will make us prepared if we will be equipping in our fields of
specialization in teaching someday. These will also give us an idea on how to handle or
manage classroom and students, give us knowledge on what strategies and techniques
that we should use on how to integrate the students learning and acquire information
on what are the springboard or learning activities that we should use on the effectivity
and efficiency of the learnings of students.
October 10, 2022 Attendance Activity-Monday