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Nouns quiz for Grade 5

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Concept: Grammar Quiz
Subject: English
Grade: Five
Ex:1 Write a common noun for each proper noun and a proper noun
for each common noun. (
Common Nouns
Proper Nouns
Ex:2. Circle the abstract nouns and underline the proper nouns.(
1. Ahmad is from Egypt.
2. Happiness is the thing I am seeking from this place.
3. Regina studies at Royal American School with her brother.
4. I was delighted at the news if her success.
5. Jealousy is a disgusting emotion.
Ex:3. Write the plural forms of these irregular nouns. ( /5)
1. Many (deer) _______ live in that forest.
2. Sharks can grow thousands of (tooth) _______ in a lifetime.
3. (Wolf) _______ look very much like large dogs.
4. Cats like to catch (mouse) ________.
5. How many (city) ______ are there in the UAE?
Ex:4. In the following text, there are 5 mistakes. Underline then
correct them. ( /5)
On Sunday mornings, I like to catch some appls and cherrys on
my grandparents tree, prepare for breakfast toast, tea, and milk. My
daies in the farm are really nice and when I am coming back home, my
grandma gives me lots of kissies on my cheeks.
1. __________________
2. __________________
3. __________________
4. __________________
5. __________________