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Chapter 10 Reading and Thinking Questions Name ___________________________________ Answer the
following questions on a separate sheet of paper, using complete sentences. 1. How can we affect the
pressure of a contained gas? 2. Why does pumping increase the pressure of the tire? 3. What effect does
increasing the volume of a gas have on pressure and why? 4. What affect does lowering the temperature have
on a gas and why? 5. List three ways real gases are different from ideal gases. 6. Why doesn't it matter what
kind of gas particle when you are determining pressure? 7. What is Dalton's Law? 8. Do problem 3. 9. Why
do airplanes and mountain climbers need to carry oxygen? 10. Write Boyle's law in words and as an equation.
11. Do Problem 4. 12. Write Charles' Law in words and as an equation. 13. What relationship does Charles
Law have to Absolute zero? 14. Do problem 5 15. Write Gay-Lussac's Law in words and as an equation. 16.
Do problem 6 17. How do they liquefy gases? 18. What is the combined gas law? 19. What are moles
proportinal to? 20. What is the ideal gas constant? 21. What does the ideal gas law allow us to do? 22. Under
what conditions do gases depart from the gas laws? 23. How is diffusion different from effusion? 24. What
determines the rate of effusion for a gas? 25. Write Graham's Law.
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