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Work to be done

Work to be done
Due OCTOBER 3 Chemistry Homework in the book
Due October 7 (Geo)finish SBA
Due the end of October 26 Final English SBA
Due OCTOBER 3 Shorten oral piece
Due SEPTEMBER 26 (Chemistry) lab 7-12 outstanding**
Due OCTOBER 7 Bio labs 1-20
Due OCTOBER 3 Finish Labs 17,18,19 & 20
Due OCTOBER 6 Hormonal barrier presentation
October 3 Written Report
Due October 4 Physics lab #8
Due OCTOBER 10-15 Chemistry September assessment
EDPM Report Andy tubular
Due SEPTEMBER 26 Spanish homework on handout
Due SEPTEMBER 27 Physics homework on displacement time graph and displacement
position graph
Due SEPTEMBER 27 EDPM complete the lunch menu for and Report
Due SEPTEMBER 23 Chemistry homework out of text book
Geography read over notes for Friday
Biology read over notes for Friday
EDPM advantages and disadvantages of filing
Bio carry a fresh piece of yam for-Friday
Spanish home work write a letter-Thursday
Chemistry electrolysis
Physics look over notes-Thursday
Maths homework
Not done or completed
✅ !
To be done first