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Abraham-Hicks - Quotes

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We find you loving of yourself quite often. And we find you absolutely
loveable. And we believe with everything that we are that if it were not
for your comparison of yourself to others...
Oh Here it is! This is really what is at the heart of all this!
So, all of you stand where you do and you launch rockets of different things
that you want. And you conclude that others are already living what you
want and you're not. And you gather that information by comparing the
smiles on their faces and the words that they speak and the things they
write in their books and the movies they show you. So you use their success
as a club that works against you as you compare them getting what they want
and pointing out to you, that in some instances, you're not getting what you
Guest: That's right!
Abraham: And what we want you to understand is that you cannot accurately
compare what anyone is getting because you have no way of assessing their
points of vibrational relativity. And what they appear to be showing you and
what they are actually living are two very different things.
Don't you know people that have all the money in the world and are still
dissatisfied? Don't you know people that are living in what you think is
your dream house who are dissatisfied with it? Don't you find it amazing
that people who OUGHT to be happy under the conditions that you think you
are reaching for aren't?
And doesn't it sort of point out to you that you just can't compare anything
anyone else is living with what you are living?
Caribbean Cruise 4/8/06
When you are in a bad mood, you could say...
I'm in the act of monetary hindrance. I want more money. Law of Attraction
has assembled it and all the cooperative components so the path to my
abundance has been, not just scoped out, it is already vibrationally in
existence, present tense. But I, because I choose to be ornery or angry or
depressed, I am choosing monetary hindrance today.
Why am I doing that?
It's just what I do!
Not just me, everyone around me. People I work with do it. I was actually
raised in that sort of arena. When things go right, we smile. When things
go wrong, we frown.
And we just observe, all over the place!
So when we observe good feeling things, we feel good, but if we should
observe bad feeling things, we feel bad.
So I am a chronic conductor of observational vibration. It means my
vibration always matches what I am observing.
Oh, I have an even better label. Observational vibrator by default. What
does that mean?
I pay no attention to what I am observing. I observe what is loudest or in
my face. I observe it and I respond to it and then I participate in
cellular hindrance or monetary hindrance or relationship hindrance.
I'm just a hindering fool!
Albuquerque 4/20/10
You want to say, "Reality is OLD NEWS!"
Even what's manifested right now, it's old news, it's past tense.
The money in my bank account right now is past tense. My physical bodily
conditions right now are past tense.
They're past tense because there is a vibrational reality that's new and vivid
and current, and it's who I really am, and it's based on that, that all of my
emotions ARE.
Phoenix AZ, 12/5/09
Isn't it wonderful to know that when you look into your bank account and you
feel discouraged, that you're not discouraged because you don't have enough
money in your bank account, you're feeling discouraged because you're looking at
your subject of prosperity in a bogus way, in comparison with what the source
within you knows is vibrationally in your bank account.
If you could feel that discouragement and understand that it is that focus and
subsequent discouragement that is holding you back, and you could reach for the
feeling of abundance that the source within you knows, your money situation
would turn around in a day. In a DAY. We are not kidding you. In a day,
something would reveal itself to you that would change it all.
But you have to get in the vortex in order to see it.
Phoenix 12/5/09
We're going to do our best to divert your attention from your current
reality because we don't think you need reality to change in order to
improve your mood. We think you can improve your mood regardless of the
current reality. And we are here to tell you that unless you improve your
mood regardless of the current reality, the current reality cannot improve.
So you might as well just ignore current reality if it is bugging you in
some way and just get focused on the vibrational reality that you have
carved out of current realtiy on those specific topics.
Take your bliss now! Take your satisfaction now. Take your good feeling
Let your neighbors be the ones to celebrate the manifestation.
And what we mean by that is that you can celebrate when your heart shifts,
when your joy shifts. And really that should not be hard to understand.
Whether it is a material object, or a relationship, a condition, a state of
being or a pile of money, or circumstances and events -- every single thing
that you want to be different is because you think you will feel better in
the difference.
And we want to show you how you can feel better BEORE the difference shows
up in terms of manifestation.
Los Angeles 1/16/10
You can only get negative feedback from people outside the vortex.
Why would you care what someone outside of the vortex says to you, when
there is a 100% probability of its being negative?
Where do we suggest you get your feedback from? SOURCE!!!
What do you think Source is saying about that? We really want to jump in
here so that you can get it.
You care what they think. EEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRK! [like a negative buzzer]
It's like asking someone who doesn't have any money to give you a loan.
San Diego 1/9/10
Now, here is a good place to start. When you were a little child, did your
mother ever say to you, "Sweetheart, there's not going to be enough Energy
Flow?" Didn't come up, did it? In other words, you haven't learned negative
thoughts relative to Energy Flow. You have learned negative vibrational
offerings relative to money. But you have not learned them relative to
Energy flow.
So what you're wanting to do is take money out of the equation. Because
it's in such a lackful place that putting it in the equation just sort of
messes everything up. So take money out of the equation and instead,
acknowledge that you have access to a bank account of INFINITE ENERGY FLOW.
Now this Energy Flow will buy you things money won't. It will buy you
wellness. It will buy you exhilaration. It will bring you good
experiences. It will bring you relationships. It will bring you
fulfillment. It will bring you money, too. It is a Source through which
all things and from which all things come. Pure positive Energy and it
streams forth in abundance. And you've got a Gold Card to this account.
The only thing you have to do to access this account with an endless balance
is 2 things. You have to identify an object of attention to which you will
flow it. In other words, if you don't use it, it won't come to you. So you
have to continually open avenues to which you will flow it by identifying,
"I want this, I want this, I want this, I want this".
And you have to FEEL GOOD when you identify the outlet. As you open that
avenue, as you identify that object of attention and you FEEL the positive
Energy flowing toward it - now the Energy is flowing. And we promise you,
doors will open that will bring you that. Sometimes the door will be a
monetary door, sometimes it will not be. But that does not matter. Once
you've identified it and found the feeling place, it must come to you. It
defies the Law of Attraction for it not to come.
San Francisco, CA - 2/26/94
99 percent of all creation is completed vibrationally
before you get the evidence of it. So it's like
traveling from Phoenix to San Diego, and San Diego's
where you _want_ to be, but for most of the distance of
400 miles you're _not_ where you want to be...in terms
of this physical journey from place to place, you say,
"Well, I understand _that_ journey, so I can make
_that_. I can see my progress. I can see that with
every mile I stay focused in that direction, that I'm
getting farther from where I _don't_ want to be and
closer to where I _do_ want to be." And we say, so you
keep the faith because this evidence that shows you
you're getting close, you're getting closer, you're
getting closer...you don't say "San Diego is an
impossible dream." You don't say,"San Diego's
_incurable_ I've tried and tried and tried and tried,
and I can't get there," because you know you can. When
you make the connection that _the way you feel is your
indicator of the direction that you're moving_, and you
can honestly say to yourself,"I do _feel_ optimistic when I say 'All Is Well' I mean it, I really _feel it,"
then we say, then you can't _not_ get there.
Money, And The Law Of Attraction p. 230
We want YOU to be the reason you go into your vortex. And we want the reason to
be because: It feels good. And I can.
...Every good feeling you have is for one reason and one reason only:
You lined up with You just now.
...So spinning there in this vibrational reality is a full version of everything
you want, all the money, all the bodily conditions, all the feelings in
relationships that you want, all the of the material objects, everything is
queued up vibrationally -and don't scoff at that, because everything that IS
manifested, including your earth spinning in its orbit, spun in a vibrational
reality first.
...In the MOMENT that you stop the resistance, in the MOMENT you stop the
resistance, the trail lights up.
~San Rafael, CA, 08.02.09
There is no greater source of negative influence in your environment today than
your television.
Money, and the Law of Attraction, p.130
Focus is effort because Law of Attraction will hold you to your dominant
Thinking about having more money is not as easy as noticing you don't have
enough money...
It takes more effort to imagine beyond what is. It's easy to turn on the
television and watch what they are offering. It's more difficult to think
your own thought. It's easy to just hear what someone is saying to you.
It's more difficult to guide the conversation in a more positive direction.
It's easy to observe. It's more difficult to focus. And yet there is so
much more reward [in focusing] than there is in just observing.
San Rafael 8/2/09
When you focus upon the beauty of something, ONLY, and you activate the beauty
of it within YOU so that it and you, are one vibration.
It doesn't matter how much it costs. And it doesn't matter how much money you
have. That's a non-issue, that's irrelevant. Because there's nothing in YOU
that isn't a match to IT.
Oooooo that was big.
Abe ~ Asheville, NC 4-30-06
One of the most significant things that we are wanting you to realize is, that
you are not here about the manifestations. You are here about the FEELING of
Energy flowing through you.
You are here to give birth to the desire. It is the DESIRE that is alive within
you, that is everything. It is the desire that is alive within you, that we are
all about. But the manifestations are fun too, aren't they?
Abe Ashland, OR 5-16-00
Seemingly magical things will begin to occur as soon as you achieve that
wonderful feeling of financial abundance: The money you are currently earning
will seem to go further. Unexpected amounts of money in various increments will
begin to show up in your experience.
Ask and It Is Given
Perpetual Flip Calendar
Look how well I'm doing! I figure it out as I go. The Universe adores me.
The Universe is yielding to me. Good things are lined up for me. There's
not a reason in the world for me to worry."
When I worry, it's old patterns of thought that have nothing to do with my
current reality or my current vibrational stance."
You are doing extremely well!
San Diego 11/12/08
When you croak, Oh, you'll be abundant. You say - Then I'll hardly need the
money to pay the rent will I? (laughter). And we say it is energetic anyway,
you see. Stop counting it as money in your bank account and start counting it
as emotion in your belly.
Start counting it as vibrational alignment. Start spending the real stuff of
the universe.
Spend the thought, spend the clarity, spend the vibration. Come in alignment
with the energy that creates worlds. This is energy that creates worlds that we
are talking about. It is much much bigger than what you call your economy.
Washington D.C. 10/11/08
Your frustration is not because you are not getting what you want.
Your frustration is that you are not BEING who you are.
- Abraham-Hicks, Money and the Law of Attraction DVD