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Rollando Williams
February 8, 2019
St. Jago High
Ms. Vassell
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Plan of Investigation
Reflection 1
Reflection 2
Reflection 3
Plan of Oral Presentation
Group Written Report
Artifact 1
Artifact 2
Artifact 3
P age |1
Firstly, I would like to thank God for giving me the patience, strength and
resources needed to complete this School Based Assessment. Also, I would to thank my teacher
and group members for helping me
meet the necessary expectations for the SBA. Finally I would like to thank my family and
friends for their moral support.
P age |2
Plan of Investigation
My group’s topic for the English S.B.A. is ‘Healthy Lifestyle in Jamaica’, however, I will be
focusing on the ‘Benefits of Healthy Living’. I was intrigued by this topic after observing the
health conditions of the average Jamaican over an extended period of time. In order to complete
my investigation, I plan to read, listen and watch articles relating to my subtopic online.
As a student of English, this SBA will help to widen my vocabulary and strengthen my
researching and reasoning skills. This SBA will also help to improve my comprehension skills
and my ability to use English Language orally and literary. By doing this investigation I will gain
more insight into Healthy Lifestyles in Jamaica.
P age |3
Reflection 1
It has become the norm for individuals in today to struggle with maladies due to the
absence of a healthy lifestyle. I had my own struggles when it comes to healthy living. However,
after researching, gathering and analyzing information on this topic, I finally found three artifacts
that have given me a better understanding of ‘Healthy Lifestyles in Jamaica’.
The first artifact is entitled the ‘Healthy Living’ song created by Mr. M and Sir. M. this
artifact taught me how to make and maintain a balanced diet. It also edified me on the
importance of all the foods from the different food groups and the main dimensions of health,
which are: social, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. This taught me the importance of
having and maintaining a balanced diet and being healthy.
The second artifact chosen was a poem entitled ‘Health is Wealth’ written by Marvin Brato
Senior. The title of the poem speaks for itself. ‘Health is wealth’ is a well-known saying which
means, our health is the real wealth of our lives. It provides us with a properly functioning body
and mind which enables us to enjoy life by coping with all its challenges.
The third artifact chosen was a video entitled ‘Benefits-of- living-a-healthy- lifestyle. This
edified me on the on the benefits of living a healthy life, ways to achieve those benefits and
motivated me towards living a healthy life.
P age |4
Reflection 2
In the artifact, the ‘Healthy Living’ song, the language was informal as colloquialism was
present. The diction was at a level I could easily comprehend, which made me suspect that the
songwriters were targeting individuals at different levels of education. The songwriters’ use of
repetition highlighted the main message they were trying to get across, which was the
importance living a healthy life.
In the poem, ‘Health is Wealth’ the use of language was informal but without the use of
colloquialism. There was a continuous AA, BB rhyming scheme throughout the poem. Connotative
language was used in the last line of the first stanza of the poem, with the use of the word ‘sublime’
.Figurative language was seen throughout the poem which made it more impactful.
In the video, ‘Benefits-of- living-a- healthy- lifestyle’ the language was informal there were
use of ellipses which created suspense in the video. This made the video engaging because it
made me anxious to know what was next. There was use of rhetorical question which made me
reflect on my lifestyle choices.
P age |5
Reflection 3
With the completion of this SBA I have gained more insight about the importance of living
healthy as well as the many benefits attainable by living a healthy life. The sub-topic I chose to
investigate intrigued me as I was amazed by the myriad of benefits that doing simple exercises
such as going for an early morning jog or stretching after being in one place for too long had on
the body. Through the execution of this SBA I was able to increase my knowledge on the topic
‘Benefits of Healthy Living’
Choosing artifacts that best suited my sub-topic was easier than I thought it would be, probably
because of the broad sphere my sub-topic covered. Thanks to that broad sphere I was able to
narrow my investigation to three artifacts that I deemed worthy for the completion of my
research. This SBA helped to improve my vocabulary as well as strengthen my researching,
reasoning and comprehension skills. I am now more adept in speaking and writing English.
P age |6
Plan of Oral presentation
Healthy Lifestyles in Jamaica
Benefits of Healthy Living
Poetry (Dub)
Original Piece
Mixture of Standard Jamaican English and Jamaica Creole
Reason for selecting Genre: I love poetry and I believe it will allow me to express myself
and broadcast my message more effectively as I am very passionate about the arts
P age |7
Group Written Report
This assessment began with our teacher elucidating the different sections of the SBA which once
we grasped; our topic and sub-topics were selected. However, we experienced difficulties
regarding the selection of our artifacts as most of them did not relate to our sub-topics, therefore
we continuously changed them. Lastly, we frequently requested help from our teacher regarding
our reflections as we did not fully understand what it should entail.
The topic chosen for our English SBA is “Healthy Lifestyles in Jamaica”. The artifacts that we
believed best represents our group’s topic were carefully selected. First, each member chose their
individual artifacts based on how well they related to their sub-topics. Second, we decided to use
two printed artifacts and one audio in order to complete the written report. We then analyzed all
artifacts and through a process of voting and elimination, we found that these three artifacts best
speak to our overall topic. The three artifacts chosen were a poem, a song and a comic strip.
In the poem entitled ‘Obesity’, written by Robert Williams, the poet speaks about the different
foods that lead to Obesity, a disease derived from unhealthy eating, if not taken in the right
proportions. The poet used informal language, however majority in was formal language; this
was to get the message across to a wider audience. This poem was specifically made for an
audience with a high level of intelligence due to the choice of vocabulary and the French
The title of the song is “The Healthy Living Song” by Mr. M and Sir M. This song not only
taught us ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle but it breaks down the entire spectrum of it. The
P age |8
diction of this artifact was easily comprehended which was possibly the writer’s idea to allow
individuals at different levels of education to understand.
The other printed artifact, the comic strip, illustrator anonymous, spreads an important message
about healthy living. Our electronic devices can aid us in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Imagery
and formal language was evident; the use of these devices made the reader picture the
components of the device thereby making the artifact easy to comprehend.
P age |9
Healthy Living by Mr. M and Sir. M: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O16wY8of8ws
Health is Wealth by Marvin Brato Sr: https://www.poemhunter.com/poem/health-is-wealth-3/
Benefits of living a healthy lifestyle by Sini P:
P a g e | 10
P a g e | 11
Artifact 1
This artifact speaks about the benefits of healthy living and the importance of living a healthy
Screenshot of first artifact:
The ‘Healthy Living’ Song
Cd attached with artifact
P a g e | 12
Artifact 2
This artifact speaks about the importance of health in such a way that it is considered true wealth.
Picture of second artifact:
Health is Wealth
P a g e | 13
Artifact 3
This artifact displays ways to live a healthy lifestyle by doing simple activity such as walking the
Screenshot of third artifact:
Benefits of living a healthy lifestyle
*Cd attached with artifact