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M9A1-Activity 2 Feature Article Writing

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M9A1-Activity 2 Feature Article Writing
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Throughout my adolescent years, I've discovered the importance of exposing myself to
as many various concepts, ideas, opinions, and people as possible. The more I learn to
look at things from other perspectives, the better I appreciate how the world works,
allowing me to solve greater challenges and become more relevant. Successful
individuals come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but as you get to know them, you'll see
that there are certain similar characteristics that they all seem to aim for, such as integrity,
love, passion, work ethic, tenacity, consistency, humility, and above all, ACTION.
While I’m in the middle of discovering something new, Pandemic comes along my way.
Although my family and I was not infected by the virus we need to protect ourselves. So,
it was like we are being isolated for a year, and I feel like I'm trapped in a gap, where I
can't explore the things that an 18-year-old teen should be experiencing. But thanks to
my parents who love to listen to old classical Broadway music’s. I spent my 1 year indoors
while listening to different classical music’s that my dad would always listen to. And first,
I'm not familiar with the songs they play because it's too old -fashioned and a bit of an
opera genre but as time goes on, it becomes my support, friend, and comfort zone when
I'm stressed in online school. And my quarantine life turned out not boring. Just like what
George Eliot (n.d) says, “Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music.”
I also grew up in a family who loves musical instruments because my grandfather is
Spanish so my dad grew up with a romantic taste when it comes to music playlists. I'm
the only one who doesn't know how to play a musical instrument here in our family, but I
really appreciate music, especially the famous classicals like Mozart's and Beethoven's.
During the first month of the pandemic, our family always gathered our gazebo to just jam
and sing, because they were bored. Playing music is what makes us bond as a family,
since my cousins and I live in the same house.
I just keep up with them, there are times when I let myself learn how to play violin and
sometimes piano. I know the other key but I'm not that good and I can't play it directly.
Anyway, I can say that the music really gathered our family during this pandemic and that
was also one of the ones who gave us strength. Music helped us not to get depressed
during this pandemic. Many are now depressed because they can't explore on their own,
and they are just doing the same routine each day inside their home. they have no idea
that the depression medication is just next to them, they often hold it in their hands.
It is indeed easy to see why so many people feel classical music is in many ways useless
in a world centered on the newest technology, dancing crazes, and what's happening on
social media. This venerable art form is far from dead, with more music being produced
now than ever before, and many artists receiving inspiration from classical compositions.
Classical music has evolved throughout the years to become a cornerstone, laying the
groundwork for today's performers of all genres. Many studies have demonstrated that
music, particularly classical music learned or listened to, has a series of advantages.
According to Nathan (2017), “Classical music can be played or listened to for a
number of reasons. Music, whether played or listened to, may be a terrific stress
Due to the fact that music can link to so many different academic areas, it has been
demonstrated that playing any genre of music may boost a person's intellect. The way
musical notes are expressed in a series of fractions helps early mathematics abilities by
providing real-world examples of how numbers may be broken down and even multiplied
by a fixed speed. Music also provides you a feeling of success and can enhance your
general confidence after you are able to perform a piece or song after some time. Besides
that, performing music, especially at a high level, might boost one's creativity. Music
education can equip our brain to think in new and diverse ways since it enhances our
emotional and cognitive capabilities.
Is it possible to improve your life with a daily dose of classical music? It may sound like
an impossible assertion, but the answer has been a loud yes in my situation. And June,
which is notorious for being a month of rainy season, debts, and diets, is possibly the best
month to immerse yourself in a new acoustic milieu in all of its rich, colorful beauty.
We have always been and will continue to be a musical species. We are also a musicexchanging species: we were talking and interacting via music long before lovesick
youths started making mixtapes for each other or digital streaming services allow us to
exchange favorite tunes. After a hard day of predator, we evolved as humans by gathering
around the fire, singing songs and relating experiences via music. That's what our parents
and grandparents did; it's how they made sense of the world and learnt how to be.
“Music can heal the wounds which medicine cannot touch.” (Mridha, 2018) It's an
instinct that's still at the heart of who we are. Yet, to an unparalleled degree, our own
modern lives are stressed and fractured. Who has the opportunity of devoting time each
day to actively listening to a certain piece of music? However, it's possible that we've
never needed the emotional space that music — particularly classical music — can give
more desperately. Daily acts of so-called "self-care," as scientific study is progressively
setting up, may have enormous effects on our mental health and well-being, but I've never
been able to get the hang of, say, regular meditation or workout. No matter how good my
intentions are, I never go to the gym.
When I changed my listening habits into a deliberate daily practice, I noticed that I felt
less stressed almost immediately. I created monthly classical playlists for myself,
including a different piece for each day. Instead of being sucked into a social media scroll
hole, getting on the Tube and clicking play seems to be spiritually calming. I began to
anticipate it with overwhelming passion. And it came to me that, if this modest but powerful
act of soul care could help me in such a profound way, others may as well.
The outstanding pieces of music, in my viewpoint, are empathy engines: they allow us to
travel without physically entering other lives, eras, or souls. They're also tough: they can
withstand you multitasking all around them while still fitting into your daily routine. So don't
worry about whether you have the correct "credentials" or if you're listening "properly" to
become a classical appreciator: believe me when I say that the only basic qualification is
that you have ears. “The greatest works of music are engines of empathy: they allow us
to travel without moving into other lives, ages, souls,” (Clemency, 2018). Overall, whether
you've studied a variety of instruments or simply like listening to music, classical music
has an overwhelming effect. Despite the fact that most people think classical music is a
fading art form, its longevity ensures that it will continue to be important in the future.
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