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Choose a job which has never been considered for writing JD and JS e

Choose a job which has never been considered for writing JD and
JS e.g. home gardener, airlift bus driver, or employee of a small
business, conduct job analysis of a position and write JD and JS?
This business will involve working in an electrical shop on a daily basis.
Your business will be to help the electrician in his work. You will be
responsible for all the small activities in the business. You will be sent for
small tasks related to your business such as bringing in new equipment or
spare parts from a retail store. During your working hours, you will be
assisting a senior electrician in his work. Working hours will typically be 8 to
10 hours a day. Salaries will be paid weekly. Earnings can increase with
the quality of your work.
Responsibilities and duties:
The store opens daily at 9:00 p.m.
Clean the shop before the electrician arrives.
Keep all the necessary electrical tools properly.
You are responsible for adjusting the values.
Keep records of all remaining parts.
Arrive at the store whenever an electrician calls.
Respect all customers and storekeepers in the neighborhood.
Follow the electrical instructions.
Accompany an electrician when customers call home service.
Evaluates business success.
Authority of The incumbent:
 The substitute will have the right to purchase any required spare
parts or tools before the electrician arrives.
 In addition, you can also fix any minor customer problem in the
absence of an electrician.
Standards of performance:
 You are expected to complete your task within the allotted time.
 The work done should be of a high standard. You are expected to act
ethically and impartially.
Working conditions:
 Your work will be related to electricity so it is very important that you
stay alert.
 Take care of all electrical wiring and electrical components.
 The weather can be bad all seasons. Any special requirements will
be provided on demand.
 The store will be responsible for free food and tea.
Job specifications:
No education is required..
It should contain a standard summary of electrical activity.
Physical requirement:
He must be able to do his job safely and
accurately. You should be able to lift heavy weights. He must be
physically fit.