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U1-Oil fields

Unit 1 The oil industry
Oil fields
control (v)
to have the power to decide what will
happen in an organisation or place
extract (v)
to remove something from a place,
often using a tool or machine
oil (n)
a thick dark liquid from under the
ground used to make petrol
oil field (n)
an area where there is a lot of oil
under the ground
refine (v)
to use an industrial process to make
a natural substance, for example oil,
more pure
to try to find something or someone
search (for) (v)
supervise (v)
sure (adj)
to be in charge of an activity or
person, making sure that work is done
properly or people behave correctly
certain about something
think (v)
to have an opinion about someone or
transport (v)
[British English] a system or method
for carrying passengers or goods from
one place to another
[= transportation American English]
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