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Exemplary Life of Cayetano Arellano and Florentino Cayco Sr

Exemplary Life of Cayetano Arellano and Florentino Cayco Sr.
Countless people have discontinued education due to financial difficulties and other factors
influencing their decision to stop and work. And this is our reality, and we have no power over it. However,
Florentino Cayco, Sr., and Cayetano Arellano shows that deprivation may also be used as motivation to
continue studying.
As I read the exemplary life of Cayetano Arellano and Florentino Cayco Sr., I realize that we are
the only hindrance to achieving our dreams. Instead of using every time we have to learn and read, we let
our lethargy rule our lives, and time passes without doing anything. Mr. Cayco Sr.'s attitude is something
that every youth must possess, and it may be very stressful, but life is not always easy.
Mr. Cayco and Mr. Arellano's unceasing hard work and dedication resulted in Arellano University,
which was constructed with an insatiable hunger for knowledge, a desire for truth, and a respect for
academic independence. Arellano University's purpose was to foster an intellectual climate conducive to
debate and discourse, directed only by the rights and best interests of its students and employees. I may
be new to this university, but I chose it not because of the budget-friendly tuition but because of the positive
comments I received on various social media platforms. As an aspiring Accountant, one of the most
important elements I evaluate when selecting a college is the teaching style and environment of the
university where I'll spend four years. And this instution proved that this was worth choosing for.