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Project Name: The design of a stock rating system, which contributes to the usage of
fundamental and technical analysis in stock markets.
Project Aim: Inefficient investments, which are not based on fundamental and technical
analysis, aggrieve investors and cause increasing number of speculations in BIST. The aim of
this project is to provide a stock rating system that is created by using fundamental and
technical analysis, and to contribute investors to act in stock markets more efficiently.
Project Stages:
1. Technical Analysis
1.1. History of Technical Analysis
1.1.1.Dow’s Theory of Markets
1.2. Stock Charting Basics
1.2.1.Line Charts
1.2.2.Bar Charts
1.2.3.Candlestick Charts
1.3. Time Intervals of Stock Charts
1.4. Technical Analysis and Instruments
1.4.1. Trends & Trend Lines
1.4.2. Support & Resistance Analysis
1.4.3. Indicator Analysis
1.4.4. Formation Analysis
2. Fundamental Analysis
2.1. Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
2.2. Economical Analysis
2.3. Industrial Analysis
2.4. Company Analysis
2.4.1. Ratio Analysis
Liquidity Ratios
Asset Management Ratios
Debt Management Ratios
Profitability Ratios
Market Value Ratios
3. Implementation of Technical and Fundamental Analysis to Stocks
3.1. Selection of Stocks
3.2. Implementing Technical Analysis
3.3. Implementing Fundamental Analysis
3.4. Rating Stocks
4. Results
Active student number: 2
Division of labour: Students work together at the entire of project.