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Study Guide Human Anatomy Exam 1

Guide Human Anatomy Exam 1
Spring 2019
General structure of exam: First 25 questions are multiple choice, each worth 2 points. At least
13 of the questions will be taken directly from the online quizzes. The second half of the exam
will be more labeling, matching, short answer and fill in the blank type questions. The second
half is also worth 50 points. The whole exam is worth 100 points.
I recommend that if you are not already studying every day, you start ASAP. Every day you
should study at least 30 minutes a day. The week before the exam I recommend studying at least
2 hours a day and this assumes you have been studying at least 30 minutes a day up to this time.
Success in this course correlates closely with the amount of time you spend studying. The more
time you spend studying before the exam, the more likely you are to get a strong grade.
“Cramming” the night before the exam is not a good strategy for success.
If you haven’t already done the Sapling, do it now! If you haven’t already done the E-learning
multiple choice quizzes, do them as soon as we complete the material so you can study from
Study the in-class quizzes.
Study the online quizzes.
Study the class activities.
Study the in-class worksheets.
Refer to Sapling for additional practice and review!
There are 8 labeling questions on this exam.
Know the different types of tissues and examples of each (ie connective tissue and bone). Know
basics of the function of each tissue type.
Be familiar with the directional terms we learned ie proximal/distal, superior/inferior,
deep/superficial etc.
Know the types of bone marrow, where to find them and what they do.
Know the bones that make up different structures in the face (ie orbit, hard palate, nasal septum).
Know the bones that make up the axial skeleton and appendicular skeleton. You should be
familiar with the bones and the bone markings as well.
Know the joints, their names, the bones that make them up and the actions at those joints.