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My life as kid
Lillian Mcdaniel
Slater High School
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I am Lillian Mcdaniel and I am 15 years old with a story to tell. I have had a rough
life growing up and the last couple years have been rough. I have moved so much in the
last couple years and it has been crazy. The story that I am going to tell you is my life
and how I got where I am today.
It all started when I was born january 19th 2007. My mom is Jessica Fergauson
and my dad is Anthony Mcdaniel. They got married the year before I was born. I was 1
years old when they had my brother Anthony Mcdaniel on February 28th 2008. I also
have an older sister that is two years older than me Trinity Turner. I was two years old
and my mom had my youngest brother Christopher Mcdaniel. I am my dad's only girl
because my sister has a different dad than me but my brothers have the same mom
and dad. Sometimes i feel like my dad is more of a dad to my sister than to me.