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Crash Course Taxonomy Worksheet 2022

Name: __________________________________________ Date: ___________________ Period: ______
Crash Course Biology #19 – Taxonomy – Life’s Filing System
Today we will basically be learning the Dewey _________________ System of evolution.
2) To get that structure, biologists use the taxonomic system to classify all the
_____________________ on the Earth.
3) So there is not always a consensus about how to ____________________ this stuff.
4) …he just made one up, Linnaeus, after the _________________ trees that grew on his family’s
5) In his lifetime, Linnaeus catalogued roughly ____________________ plants and 4,400 animals…
6) In the meantime, Linnaeus actually adopted a personal motto, “God created, Linnaeus
7) …interesting and even occasionally adorable, we have Kingdoms: Protista, Fungi, Plantae, &
8) Autotrophs meaning that they can _____________ themselves.
9) Fungi, which are, you know, include ______________________ smuts, puffballs, truffles, molds,
and yeasts.
10) …were more closely related to mice than we are to _______________
11) I know, let’s pick this ________________
12) …kitty’s are in the Order ________________________
13) …and look at that Felis ________________