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Fate or Free Will

Fate or Free Will?
Being free makes a mark or a change in the world, according to the textbook. You are
changing in every way, where you have the possibilities to reach into the future by giving
your word today and keeping it. St. Augustine, the first great theologian who wrote
extensively about free will, did so because there were those who denied free will (the
Manichaeans) and those who gave the free will too much power (the Pelagians). One of his
sayings was God bringing will when we act, and without his will, nothing good will happen.
With free will, we have complete control in the actions we execute whether or not there are
Having fate is an action that we cannot control. Having fate may not save you and be
good to you in life. Fate comes out of nowhere that we cannot control. It is up to us to use our
free will to choose the decisions when fate comes in our way. However, us humans are in
control of our lives, not our lives controlling us. We will never know when fate will come, or
what our free will can do when fate comes. There are always opportunities, but there is none
that we wanted, like having job opportunities, etc. But, it is certain that we have that job and
there will be more opportunities when fate comes as we continue life.
I believe in destiny. Destiny are choices that can shape myself and how I deal with the
choices I make. Although I am only 16, I have plans that can shape my future to become
successful and live freely, such as working hard in school, never giving up and having the
courage and support from my support system, such as my friends and family. There are
outcomes where we are forced to choose a choice with circumstances, but having the destiny
can help us stay motivated into looking for what is best to our future.
An example that fate vs. free will came into factor was yesterday, when I was in
Downtown Toronto. Bikes are very common in Toronto. As I was walking from one sidewalk
to another, there was a bike late right before the crossing, which I was unaware of. A biker
was going at a regular biking speed a few metres away from where I was going to cross, until
my sister yelled out to not go yet. If my sister did not yell at me to not go, I would have been
injured, causing a near-fatal accident.