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Economic Theories of the Industrial Revolution - Copy

The three economic theories described on the worksheet are
Adam Smith argues that the economy will function properly without what? Who shouldn’t be
involved in the economy?
Adam Smith’s ideas are outlined in what famous book?
What term do we use to describe Adam Smith’s ideal economy? (Hint: it is in French)
Summarize how the document argues capitalism should ideally function?
What disturbed the middle classes spurring on the development of Socialism?
Who is credited with the development of Socialist theory? What book outlined their beliefs?
Socialism argues that what group should help support the people?
What common misconception do people have about services under socialism? What do people
have to do to have access to services provided by socialist governments?
Does Socialism promote violent revolution to achieve its goals?
Who are the two main theorists of communist theory?
What do the two groups described in communist theory have control over?
Who are the proletariat? What did Marx believe would eventually happen?
What are the key features of Marx’s ideal government under Communism?