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Longos, Jennald Roi L.
Case 2: DC-10
The crash of DC-10 jumbo jet was due to the cargo door has burst open. To avoid this
situation, engineers must perform services only in areas of their competence because not
performing based on their respected areas can lead to faulty design and poor validation
whether if this design is safe or not. Also, the engineers must act as an professional matter
for each employer or client as faithful agents or trustees and shall avoid conflicts of
interest to address the concerns to promote safety. Knowing the design has faults in which
it was suggested for redesign, but the cost is high for redesign, so, the company must
prioritize lives by not allowing the jet to be used until there is enough budget for redesign.
Case 2: Killer Robot
Bart Matthews was killed while operating Robbie CX30 because the code written was
misinterpreted in which the robot’s arm move in a certain matter manner which leads to
his death. To avoid the misinterpretation of code, it must write as clear as possible
because writing it in an improper way can lead to misinterpretation which can lead to
accidents. Bill Park must know how difficult programming in which is he and Samuel must
act in professional matters for each employer or client to avoid conflicts of interest not just
blaming Samuel alone. Lastly, one must be careful enough to design something or to
program something because a single mistake can cause lives in which if there is
something that cannot be understood, ask for assistance.
Case 5: The Challenger’s Case
The death of the 7 crew members is likely due to seal failure that the 0-ring seal has
problem, and it was detected before the launch and temperature is too low in which it is
below 53 Fahrenheit. The problem is that the NASA risked the crew’s lives even though
they knew that it was not recommended to launch due to weather effects in which it
violates the code of ethics which is engineers shall hold paramount the safety, health,
and welfare of the public in which they must ensure the crew’s safety rather than its
congressional funding. The crew members also have their own fault in which they also
did not prioritize their safety in which even though they already knew that launching is
dangerous, they show no hesitation at all.