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Chapter 2 The Secret Garden

Chapter 2: Martha
pgs. 13-22
“But there’s one garden is locked up…No one has been in it for ten years.” (16)
Vocabulary with page numbers: Write the missing definitions and parts of speech
on this chart and add the words to the glossary in the back of your notebook.
thee (13)
Old-fashioned word for “you”
thy (13)
Same as thee, different form
thou (13)
More relaxed version of “thee” (less formal)
Old-fashioned money in England
art (20)
Old-fashioned word for “are”
persisted (21)
To go on even when faced with opposition
The way of doing something or behaving
indignantly (13)
hearty (14)
shilling (15)
orchard (17)
deserted (20)
draft (22)
manner (22)
Applying new vocabulary: Write a short paragraph that uses three or more of the
vocabulary words from Chapter 2. Highlight each vocabulary word in the paragraph.
Short Answers: Complete 3/4 of the following short answer questions on your Word
document in proper PEE format. Don’t forget to restate the question in your answer, use
compelling and supportive textual evidence to support your answer, and explain how your
evidence shows your answer.
1. What differences are there between Mary’s old life in India and her new life in
2. Why did Mr. Craven shut the garden? What did he do with the key?
3. How does seeing the robin change Mary’s mood?
4. What strange sound does Mary hear at the end of the chapter and how does Martha
react to it?
#1 P: One difference between Mary’s old life in India and her new life in Yorkshire is
E: The text states, “It was something of a shock to Mary that the servants were not
in the least like the servants she had known in India. She suddenly felt horribly
lonely and far away from everything she understood.” (14)
E: This shows that Mary is dealing with many new changes with her new life in
England and it is making her feel sad. She used to be dressed by servants and very
spoiled—her life in England is going to be very different and it is clear to readers
that she will have to be much more independent.
# P:
This is where you make a statement about a text (or
more often, answer the question being asked).
This is where you use a line directly from the text to
back up your statement.
This is where you explain how the evidence backs up
your point.
It could be argued
In my opinion
My point is
This is shown when
Evidence of this is
This can be seen in the text when
Further to my point
This evidence shows
This highlights that
Write a diary entry from the perspective of Mary using six new vocabulary words from the
lists in Chapters 1 and 2. Use the best spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and mechanics you
can. Highlight or underline the words you used in your passage and define the words on the
bottom of your assignment (include the parts of speech). This should be submitted on
Managebac and turned in on or before the due date. Don’t forget a proper heading at the top of
the assignment:
Short Teacher Example (yours should be longer and include 6 new words)
Mohammad Al Mohammad
Ms. Emily/Ms. Emine
MYP Year 1, Language and Literature
“The Secret Garden” Diary Entry for Chapters 1-2
Dear Diary,
I have just arrived at Misselthwaite Manor and boy is it gloomy. The place is completely
deserted and I’m just so bored!
Vocabulary Used:
1. Deserted (adjective): a place empty of people
Past vs. Present Tense
Past tense:
Present tense:
Preparing for your Formative Assessment: You will be writing a
narrative with dialogue, a plot, setting, and characters next week. Use the space below to take
notes about what you learn with independent research: