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17 AUGUST 1945 / / MONDAY / / 12
Real-Life Utopia ⎯⎯ Interview with Squealer
 The Manor Farm’s spokesman Squealer talks
about the real-life utopia. Picture by Reporter
Q&A with Squealer
By Reporter Piggie
15 August 1945
Squealer, a small fat porker, is the spokesman of
the great Manor Farm. He has made major
contributions to the Farm since the beginning
when he has been assisting the President,
Napoleon, in liberating the animals and
advancing the farm. Renowned for his
impressive speech and incredible ability in
assisting President Napoleon, we would like to
explore more about the legendary story of the
1. What is the rationale of the Republic?
The Manor Farm, or officially, the Republic, is a
home for all liberated animals. Here, all animals
work for their own, lives are no doubt better than
when Jones was in charge. We work in the spirit
of Animalism, as our Leader, President
Napoleon had said, “the truest happiness lay in
working hard and living frugally.”
 Regular Sunday meeting held on the Farm as they were listening to Squealer’s speech. Picture by Reporter
only did he guide us into the light, he even
stretched his loving arms to light the unhappy
animals on other farms. It is thereby my greatest
honour to be able to work under our president,
Comrade Napoleon!
3. How has the windmill benefitted the farm
Before that I would like to express my deepest
gratitude to our Leader, Comrade Napoleon in
making the windmill possible. He advocated the
windmill and aimed at improving our living
standards since the very beginning, in which the
ambition has turned into a magnificent
achievement for the farm now. The windmill
symbolizes civilization and modernization,
which is now generating profits for the farm
through milling corn; it embodies the blood,
sweat and tears of all animals in their
enslavement and their pursuit for a better life,
the windmill is the result of and compensation
for their hard work. Now, we are working on
another windmill and expecting more to come
as our comrades continue to work hard for the
prosperity of the Farm!
2. What was your experience like working with
4. What difficulties did the farm encounter in
President Napoleon?
building the windmill?
Oh how could I express my passion in words, he The road to advancement and improvement was
is the Father of All Animals, Terror of Mankind, never easy. During the process of building, the
Protector of the Sheep−fold. He is our intelligent windmill was destroyed by the flagitious and
leader, generous comrade and loving friend. He devious traitor, Snowball, in a stormy night.
liberated all the animals by leading the Battle of Such that we had to rebuild the windmill during
the Cowshed, then wisely identified cunning winter, but with a much thicker wall this time.
traitors and drive them out, he also fed animals
on farm through rationing. Not
Soon after, the windmill was blasted by the evil
humans! Not only was the foundation destroyed,
the fallen stones were flung to hundred yards
away. But it was a victory for us, we had driven
the enemy off the sacred soil of Manor Farm.
There is no rose without a thorn, same for the
path towards success! Despite all these fierce
challenges, the animals worked in happiness and
we were all overjoyed with such satisfactory
5. What is the ultimate goal of the Manor Farm?
All animals deserve the right to be free and
happy, it is time for other farms to make a change
as well. “Long Live President Napoleon! Long
Live Manor Farm!”
 The Republic’s government poster. Picture
provided by Squealer.