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Article 3 The Third Teacher

1. Aletheia School in Argentina is considered innovative because they redefined the use of
the classrooms and the patio, which are full of huge boxes filled with materials, like
cardboard, markers, glue, but also sticks, stones, empty yoghurt pots and nuts and bolts
that bring learning to life. Using this school as a reference, in your view, why is space
(classrooms, corridors, patio, etc.) important for a student's educational journey?
Remember to use your artistic flare.
It sparks students' curiosity and imagination and encourage involvement in
Spaces provide broadens opportunities for social mobility, and contributes
student motivation and innovation.
It helps students to express language
It helps students to have qualitative evaluation to life
Students usually become critical analysts
Spaces awakens creativity and expression as they incorporate content of the
Provides rooms for exhibitions
Gives students room to document,draw,photograph and record their
 Spaces makes project-based learning easier
2. When was the last time there was a change in the layout of spaces and furnishings at
your school, and what was the change? Whose idea, was it? Why was it necessary to
change? Was it beneficial?
When -In 2018
Change in the layout –
Change took place at the computer lab in terms of furniture arrangement and the
use of interactive white board
Installation internet access points in classes
Whose idea, was it?
College administration
Why was it necessary to change?
To accommodate more students
To curb copying during practical exams
To encourage online learning, research and collaboration.
Was it beneficial?
1. How do you feel about having to make changes in the spaces at your school?
This results into student knowledge retention
Student –lecturer ratio is low
Student -teaching aid ratio is low
2. Let’s put this into practice. The following photographs show a school cafeteria. Based on
what you have read, how could you use this space for learning? What changes would
you like to make in order to make this cafeteria into a learning space? Surprise us with
your creative and artistic flare!