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Song activity 
1) Solve the crosswords with
a partner.
2) Listen to the song and fill
the blanks with the words
you found.
ME YOU (Russ)
Yeah, yeah, there's a difference
Oh yeah, there's a difference Oh, Yeah, there's a difference
There's a difference, yeah. There's a difference
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Me, got it out the ___________,[1] they respect that
Bitch I'm talking, don't you interrupt this God flow
Thank you to anyone who ever slammed the
____________[10] on me
Because of you, I did it ________________, [11] so it
means more to me
Did so many free shows and now they can't afford the fee
No one gave a fuck and now the whole world's recording
Me, always spread the _____________ [2]when I get back
You, got your ____________ [3] out, that's a bitch move
You, always complaining like a bitch do
Me, still right here with who I came with
Me, self-made, my _______________ [4] on the same shit
You, got a different crew every __________________ [5]
You, don't wanna dap back, keep sleeping
Yeah, you wished for it, me, I worked for it
Everyone passed on me like Kurt Warner
A search warrant needed, your ____________ [6] went
This ain't overnight, this is year ten visions
Peers listen and they know that I'm up next
That's your _____________? [7] Why she always does
what Russ says
_______________ [8] is something that I'm blessed with
I got plaques for my raps and my _______________ [9]
Can't forget about the beats too, I'm the best kept secret
Real shit affection, pledge your allegiance
I was gone for so long, now I'm on though
Repeat [chorus]
Lately, I been trying minimize all my stresses
______________ [12] figures when they tax me, that's a
Diss me, I'ma diss you back on a hit _____________ [13]
PDs love me worldwide, you'll get shit on
Get it on your own or I can't respect it
See me in person, don't call, don't text it
Show a lot of love to my ____________, [14] I don't post it
Y'all don't gotta know, just as long as they know it
Despite your efforts, I'm here and I always will be
No rap ____________ [15] to hide behind, this the real me
Before the plaques, I was certified
I do business, I keep my income diversified
I counted 35 thousand with my family last night
And another 35 before this verse
I be laying wide awake in my thoughts at night like
"God damn, motherfucker this worked"
Repeat [chorus]