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Scale drawings -Review
The length of the subway is 25 miles. If 1 inch represents 5 miles, what is the
length of the bridge?
Step 1:
Divide 25 by 5 to determine the number of units
= 25/5 = 5 units
Step 2: Take the units and multiply by the scale.
Step 3:
= 5(1) = 5 inches
Step 4: The answer is: 5 inches
Practice this skill by completing the problems below
Do the following:
The length of the underground
2. Dimensions of a building are 654 feet
pathway is 350 miles. If 1 inch
by 264 feet. If 1 inch represents 64
represents 35 miles, what is the
feet, what are the dimensions of the
length of the underground pathway
building on the drawing?
on the map?
If one inch represents 15 feet,
4. If on a scale drawing 25 feet are
what dimensions would you use to
represented by 15 inches, then a scale
make a scale drawing of a building
of 1/15 inch represents how many feet?
550 feet by 600 feet?
If 1 inch represents 22 miles on a
6. The length of the highway is 2500
map, then how many inches will
miles. If 1 inch represents 150 miles,
represent 2240 miles?
what is the length of the highway on
the map?
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